Top 20 tweets about the funeral of Elizabeth II, farewell the Queen

The hardest day of our existence (at least) arrived: this September 19, 2022, we said goodbye to Elizabeth II, the Queen of England who died on September 8. And it must be said, letting her go was not easy. We got used to her colored hats and those little moments when the queen surprised everyone. We will still miss her a little. We pay him a last tribute.

1. What a queen…

3. Now that we have a king, this kind of event will take much longer, since he can only move one space on the ground at a time #queensfuneral

4. Jason Derulo fell down the stairs at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

6. Prout

7. Meghan and Harry at the airport Monday night

8. John looks pretty bad for his age.

9. When your parents didn’t sign the school image rights form

11. Prince Louis watching the Queen’s funeral on Gulli after he abused his mother on national television during Jubilee

13. Thank You Manu

14. We will never see this duo together again

15. Focus on the paper dropped by a bishop during the funeral: “Don’t drop the paper”

17. The most famous spider in the world as of now

18. Prince Louis seeing his whole family on TV, wondering why they’re all in costume this morning while he’s still in his pajamas eating Rice Krispies #queensfuneral

Eh bien ça y est, she’s gone… Hasta la vista!

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