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Top 20 Treasures People Have Found While Doing Jobs

We’ve all hoped to find a treasure one day. A chest of coins under a floor, gold bars hidden in a wall, or anything that could bring us a lot of wheat without effort. Well, sorry to point the finger at you, but treasures don’t only have monetary values, in fact! Find what these people have found, it does not necessarily bring money, but it still provides a lot of satisfaction. Question mark. Of mystery. Of amazement. Of emotion…. Of life, what!

1. A collection of seeds, found in grandfather’s attic

Want to plant one of each in my garden to pay tribute to the gentleman who made such a beautiful collection.

2. A fossilized fish found under a kitchen floor

The legend does not say how many cats broke their teeth on this block of stone.

3. 83 valuable coins found in a container

According to Reddit comments, the lucky guy made €22,000 selling them. It’s pleasing.

4. A children’s book from 1835, found in the wall of a house

Go hide my edition of Germinal in my trash room, if this horror can make someone happy one day, I sign.

5. Lots of pretty tiles under rotten carpets

6. A magnificent fireplace behind layers of plaster

The annoying thing is that it must completely upset your renovation projects. If you had planned to put an inlaid oven right there, well… You’re a little in the ditch.

7. A 32-year-old note hidden behind a brick

” Yes ! I found the famous lost brick. Please replace this note with yours here » If the dude really played along, a new note from 2012 can now be found here. Which means that… Yes, this tradition may have been going on for even longer. Years ? Decades ? Centuries ? Mystery.

8. A hot tub behind a wall

The architect shit a little in the glue. It must not have been easy to access, this story. (Scroll through the photos to understand, don’t be lazy.)

9. A corridor, behind a wall. Then a basket in the hallway, behind the wall. And cutlery in the basket, in the hallway, behind the wall.

10. £500 from 1981, in insulation

Another old man who didn’t want to open a savings account.

11. Small vintage oinjs, in a bathroom

“Dear Betty-Jean, a little something for your brain. Warning: the general doctor has detected that happiness increases with the amount smoked. Please don’t overdo it. » I just learned two things: weed has no expiry date. Betty-Jean is a given name.

12. A samurai sword in the dirt floor of a century-old house

Scary. Stylish, but creepy.

13. A WWII “Purple Heart” in a house under renovation

Little point culture gé offered by the house: “The Purple Heart is an American military medal, awarded in the name of the President of the United States, granted to soldiers injured or killed in the service of the army after April 5, 1917”. So.

14. A dried flower in a 165 year old book

A vestige of life in a book written in a dead language is a metaphorical oxymoron of life. Complex, but pretty.

15. A war hideout, in a hidden attic

In the small room, behind a door hidden by old war diaries: a bed and pictures on the wall. It’s slightly scary, and at the same time… Fascinating.

16. An artifact in a house built over an Indian burial site

A house on an Indian cemetery? But you have to flee, in fact!!! What the hell are you doing stealing their jewelry? You shouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly become a big sticky, huh.

17. Floor Safes

Good luck opening them now.

18. Works of art under the tapestries

It’s nice, but it will still be repainted. Let it be said, it’s surprising but it’s still ugly, right?

19. A 1960s dress in a closed bathroom closet

Handmade, please!

20. A 1977 Mcdo trash can in a wall

Ok, it’s not a treasure. Just the occasion to realize that Mr. McDonald has changed drastically. Is Benjamin Button the guy or what???

And you, what is your best find? Personally, 5th in forgotten jeans. Very good !

Source : Bored Panda

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