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Top 20 small images to be better in English (we know you suck)

Ouch ouch ouch, the other day I saw you doing the quiz “How bad are you at English?” and the results weren’t pretty pretty. Fortunately, the great Twitter account @Pronunciation_ gives lots of tips for English speakers by providing them with alternatives to basic vocabulary or some tips for pronouncing certain words correctly. An account that we would all have liked to have before leaving for Erasmus.

1. A good way to say what you think but with class

2. History of not saying each time the equivalent of a “piece”

3. To no longer pass for a tourist in you ask for the receipt

4. Attention, in French stay on the classic “meme”

5. A few basics to improve your vocabulary in a jiffy

6. Ah yes ok so we are screwing up from the start

7. The small contractions of everyday language to speak in a slightly less formal way

8. “My level in English”

9. Basic vocabulary but better

10. Big source of confusion between the English and the Americans

12. Very is good, but we can do better

14. Fish, Fish, Fish

15. And another small dose of vocabulary for the road

16. Wow but are you English native or what?

17. Don’t confuse them again, for God’s sake.

18. Don’t confuse them again, damn it (bis)

19. With this new pronunciation, I feel like Colin Firth too seriously.

20. From being illuminated or struck by lightning, there is only one step

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