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Top 20 Simpsons Characters When They First Appeared vs Today

Only poopers don’t like the Simpsons. There are those who were more fans of South Park, those who weren’t allowed to watch the weekend Simpsons party on W9 (the best TV date of the 2000s) and those who are just embittered. Fortunately, we know that you love the Simpsons as much as we do and you’re in luck, you’ll be able to discover the faces the characters had when they first appeared on screen.

1. Marge Simpson

The world discovered the Simpson family in a short film released in 1997, two years before the show’s first season was released. In this two-minute short film called Good Night, we discover the five members of the family and we can say that they are terrifying. Fortunately, they have a face as we know them from the beginning of the series.

2. Homer Simpson

In this short film, Matt Groening had not yet hidden his initials on Homer’s face: the hair in M ​​and the hollow of the ear in G.

3. Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson with eyelashes bigger than her hair, enough to cause nightmares if you look at this horror too young.

4. Bart Simpson

Anecdote: In one of the episodes of the series, Bart sees a boy passing through the living room window on a skateboard in the street and the latter looks like this earlier version of himself.

5. Maggie Simpson

We sometimes wonder if Maggie understands what is happening around her and if her character is really important. We forget too quickly that it was she who had shot Mr. Burns.

6. Ned Flanders

In the first episode of The Simpsons, we discover the neighbor who is already nice but unwittingly overshadows Homer: his Christmas decorations are much prettier and he carries a mountain of gifts.

7. Milhouse Van Houten

Mulhouse appears from the first episode where he is already Bart’s best friend and it’s pretty crazy to think that the creator was satisfied with his character and never changed him. Even his glasses are identical.

8. Ralph Wiggum

Ralph Wiggum is the moron of the bunch. He appears in the first episode at the school show and we can not yet suspect his stupidity.

9. Chef Wiggum

Upon his appearance in the first season, we discover that Chief Wiggum is completely incompetent. 33 seasons later, nothing has changed.

10. Patty et Selma

Patty and Selma are Marge’s sisters and we see them from the first episode since they come to celebrate Christmas at the Simpsons. They like to make fun of Homer and that’s what we like the most about them.

11. Professor Skinner

Over the years, Principal Skinner’s character has grown longer, but he has never changed his hairstyle. He’s a guy who doesn’t really like change.

12. Waylon Smithers

The character who has changed the most since his first appearance is Smithers. Burns’ bootlicker appears in the third episode of the first season where he has black skin and blue hair. According to the creators, it was the colorists who got their brushes tangled up.

13. Moe Szyslak

The years pass and Moe does not change; he still has his bar and is still depressed but we learn more about his life, his family and his life outside his bar, Moe’s Tavern.

14. Lenny et Carl

Lenny and Carl are Homer’s colleagues at the nuclear power plant but also his childhood friends. They appear for the first time in episode 9 for Lenny and 10 for Carl and we immediately understand that they are quite jaded.

15. Good old Barney

Barney is one of Homer’s childhood friends and he finds him very regularly at their friend Moe’s bar. We don’t really know what Barney does with his days, but we do know that he likes to drink and sleep a lot.

16. Nelson Muntz

Nelson Muntz is a classmate of Bart and Lisa and incidentally the one who bullies everyone at school. We see it for the first time in episode 5 of the first season which is called Terror at recesswe can easily guess the role of Nelson in this episode…

17. Monsieur Burns

Mr. Burns is Homer’s insufferable boss, the director of the nuclear plant and the richest man in town. He likes to say “excellent” by joining his fingers and humiliating Smithers, his assistant / minion.

18. Krusty le clown

For a long time, we thought that Krusty the clown was simply Homer with make-up, it’s also a gag that the creators liked to maintain. In reality, Krusty is the stage name of Herschel Schmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski and he’s a pretty piece of garbage.

19. Abraham Simpson

Abraham was already old and a bit doddery in Season 1 but 32 seasons later he’s still around and still looks good. One day, he would have to clamse to provoke a little emotion.

20. Santa Claus

Before being adopted by the Simpson family at Christmas in the first episode, Santa Claus was a racing greyhound. His owner abandons him cowardly because he came in last place in a race and Bart begs his father to adopt him. Since then, he has not left the family (unlike the many cats, all named Boule de Neige, who follow one another at the Simpsons).

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