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Top 20 signs that you are uneducated, it hurts huh?

Do you think you’re smart? Do you think you know a lot of stuff, have a good opinion on everything and know a little more stuff than average? Ok, it’s a bit presumptuous, so we’ll see that: if you tick at least 5 of the points of this top, it means no, you are not cultured, but you are uneducated. Don’t cry if that’s the case, it happens to a lot of good people.

1. Do you think Breaking Bad is the best series in the world?

And you get everyone drunk talking about it all the time when in the end you don’t know much about it.

2. Your only source of information is Daily

So you think you’re super savvy in the news when you watch just 20 minutes of popular news a day.

3. You say you listen to classical music but you can’t quote a work by Haydn

So ? Give us a name without using Google? Well here it is. We had said it.

4. You think Black Mirror is “too crazy”

So yeah it’s nice, but SF literature had already written all that more than a century ago.

5. You’ve never opened a Dostoyevsky so don’t come talk to us in fact

And when we talk about opening a Dostoyevsky we are talking about reading his books, not opening it with a knife.

6. When your friends talk about a movie, you’ve never seen it

And sometimes you pretend to have seen it so you don’t look like a jerk all the time either.

7. Do you think Picasso designed the car that bears his name?

Whereas Picasso was afraid of cars because a car shot at his father when he was a kid (it was obviously wrong, but we wanted to know if you were naive in addition to being uneducated).

8. You read all of Joël Dicker’s books

And you think he’s the best author on earth.

9. Do you think it was Caesar who invented the Caesar ceremony when cinema didn’t even exist?

Plus we all know he invented the Oscars.

10. You don’t know who is the prime minister in France

Little hint: she’s a prime minister and we all hate her.

11. You have an unlimited UGC card

That you don’t make any money at all since you go to the movies about once every two months.

12. You thought that Zola and Socrate were just soccer players

While they almost have a department of FNAC just for them.

13. When someone asks you if you like rap, you answer “Yes, I love Nekfeu and Lomepal”

And you’re this close to adding Lujipeka to piss us off.

14. Books over 400 pages scare you.

Unless it says “Harry Potter” on the cover.

15. You love Marc Levy

We like you anyway but it’s hot.

16. You only watch series

You haven’t seen a movie for 2 years, because you think it’s “too long to watch”. It bothers you less the length when you chain 5 episodes of one hour of series.

17. Until recently, you thought that having culture meant having plants

So you were trying to grow stuff in your house like a dick.

18. For you, the Pléiade is a way of cooking meat

While they are (a little too) expensive books.

19. For you the tomato is either a fruit or a vegetable

Well no, it was both. Too bad eh.

20. You think ginger grows into powder.

Get out of your house for a bit goodnight.

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