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Top 20 proofs in pictures that your roommates are monsters

The roommate is not a long calm river. Well yes, there can be a calm river when your roommate forgot to turn off the tap before leaving for work and floods your room. Or when your roommate’s dog urinates on your carpet. In fact, the roommate is a river of shit that lines the abominable tunnel of your miserable life. The proof in disgusting images.

1. This roommate who doesn’t want to do the dishes and throws the dishes away

But guys at this point grab a dishwasher or whatever useful item for a roommate you’re doing.

2. The brown spots correspond to traces of dog piss

3. My roommates bathroom

4. My roommates’ tupps (I assure you we have the same ones at the office)

5. My roommate bites the butter

Can we say it’s a good roommate joke? Certainly not.

6. My roommate left the bathroom like this while I was away.

7. My roommate refuses to clean the rice cooker in which he forgot this mixture that looks like brains

8. My roommate used my favorite sweater as a potholder for her barbecue.

9. My roommate throws away my food to fit her salad in the fridge

10. My roommate has been refusing to clean his teacup for several months.

11. I thought I was the only one using this soap but I actually don’t. Who do this ?

12. My wife takes the dish out of the oven and leaves it like this before leaving the kitchen when we have a dog and children

13. I live with adult men, tell me why

14. I’ve been named mister trash because if I don’t take care of it this is what it looks like

15. My roommate started collecting

16. My roommate broke the toilet seat, he replaced it: here’s the result

17. My husband refuses to finish a bottle of Coke before opening a new one.

18. My roommate leaves the sink like this before leaving for two weeks on vacation.

19. Organizing my roommate’s fridge

20. I told my roommate it was his turn to buy PQ and he took the cheapest version.

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