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Top 20 places that have hidden stuff and it’s phew

If you’re the kind of people who, as kids, dreamed of having a nice tree house, a slide leading to your garden or a fireman’s ladder to descend into the kitchen, then you should appreciate this top that will awaken your soul. of child. Because here are some secret rooms and other super stylish hidden compartments that people have designed at home. It’s not necessarily always very useful, but we must admit that it’s slap.

1. A bench hidden in the terrace is classy

2. Looks like a simple KALLAX shelf but it’s much more than that

3. It’s cool, but don’t put the shelf back in place when your boyfriend is in it

4. A secret passage for those who are drunk

5. A little thought all the same for this dog who found himself excluded from this secret bathroom

6. A small secret compartment to store various things such as thimbles or postage stamps

7. A secret compartment for secret spices you don’t want to share with others

8. A secret knife storage so your quality gear won’t be used without your permission

9. This drawer is camouflaged to perfection and it’s super satisfying

10. Well, the weapons cache, maybe it wasn’t necessary.

11. A hidden bar to drink in secret

12. If you’re rich enough to buy a Rolls, you can have this awesome secret umbrella compartment.

14. Hope the local burglars saw his video.

15. The office is well hidden

16. A simple compartment hidden in the floor is always practical

17. A superb desk to hide your computer

19. A game table under the dining table, the dream for board game geeks

20. These logs were weird, you have to admit

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