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Top 20 photos of places that look like the end of the world

Have you ever heard of “liminal spaces”? Under this somewhat vague name hides a definition that is not much more precise: a liminal space is a space of transition. Not crazy as an explanation huh? Basically, you have to see it as a space at the limit of our understanding, at the border of the supernatural, and which often inspires a kind of unease, even a feeling of the end of the world. There are plenty of pictures of these kinds of places, and you will see: without knowing why, looking at them will cause you a feeling of discomfort.

1. This bingo hall looks like an antechamber from hell

2. 99.9% of the people who work here have lost their souls. You are the remaining 0.1%. Save yourself.

3. None of the students at this school are actually human. Open your eyes.

4. Choose your door. One of the two leads nowhere.

5. The aliens who created this place didn’t understand the concept of “heaven”.

6. A vain attempt to make you believe there is an outside world.

7. The rare souls who take this subway are all afraid of crossing… the Controller…

8. Obliged if you approach this station, a faceless man appears to tell you the time of your death

9. The crossroads where all souls end their journey.

10. And they want us to believe that the city of Detroit really exists?

11. If you jump into this ball pool, a hundred arms will drag you down to the depths of the Earth

12. You have one hour to find the exit before the monster wakes up

13. And they want us to believe that humans live here?

14. Choose your parasol, a waiter will come and ask you how you want to die

15. You have been assigned room #29457857, and now you need to find it

16. This vintage spaceship has been out of orbit and has been drifting for 2 millennia now.

17. At the gates of this city, you can read large “FLEE” written in letters of blood

18. Stuck in a Windows 98 screen saver for the rest of your life

19. Your neighbor Tom was always smiling, until the day you asked him what was this little electric wire that was sticking out of his t-shirt.

20. The milkshake you ordered 3 years ago will never arrive.

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