Top 20 photos of people who completely overindulge in the supermarket

It is difficult to know how people behave at home, for the simple reason that we are not at home observing their daily lives. On the other hand, setting foot in a supermarket is a superb social experience that shows that some humans are extremely weird, totally disrespectful, even completely stupid (the three often go together). The proof in pictures.

1. This woman who uses bread packets to support her knees while looking at other bread packets

2. This woman trying to get a Christmas tree refund

3. This woman who went crazy because her vanilla cookies weren’t on the shelf.

4. This person who had a free vodka/pizza aperitif

5. This woman who wanted to be reimbursed for her toilet paper stock when she realized that there was no shortage

Ah, the good memories of the first lockdown…

6. This guy who wants to be reimbursed for a mango by assuring that he has not touched it

7. This woman who sits on the apples to take a break

8. This woman who threw her produce out of her cart after she was asked to wear a mask

9. This guy walking around in a sweater Pornhub

10. This woman (or teenager, it’s hard to say) who was past the age of being pushed around in a cart.

11. This woman who left her dog shitting in the middle of the driveway and didn’t pick it up.

12. This person who ate without paying and left their leftovers in the toy department

13. This employee who has a little trouble with hygiene measures

14. This man who didn’t really understand the dress code

15. This woman who walks her boyfriend on a leash in the aisles

16. This couple who… sorry we’ve run out of words

17. This person who eats his OKLM clementines on the shelves

18. This person who no longer wanted their frozen meals, so they left them there

19. These charming people who leave their carts in the handicapped spaces

20. This man who mistook the chicken section for a bench

21. (Bonus) Return of the Dog

Holy little doggie

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