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Top 20 people who have mismanaged their tan, do you know the concept of sunscreen?

The holidays are here, and with them the relentless sun that can burn your ass and ruin your body in so many ways. Despite everything we know about the principle of sun protection and sunburn, too many people still make stupid mistakes, which resulted in the best tweets on tanning but also the selection of photos that I propose to you to discover now and which has some nuggets.

1. It smells of people falling asleep on the beach.

2. The age-old problem of ski goggles that never help.

3. The usefulness of SPREADING sunscreen, not just putting it on.

4. It wouldn’t happen if a lot of beaches removed this unnecessary suspender law.

5. Quality strawberry vanilla contouring.

6. Real buddy band tattoo, this summer’s trend.

7. Another geometric shape enthusiast who wanted to make a rectangle (it’s an expression of young people).

8. The problem with hats is that you never know if they really protect against the sun’s rays. Here, for example, no.

9. The real reason to avoid fangs. Outside of style.

10. No, he’s not wearing hairy leggings, these are his real legs and feet.

11. The traditional, timeless yet authentic cycling tan.

12. The best test to see if your partner loves you? Ask him to put some cream on your back and see how it looks at night.

13. It looks like an artistic photo of two people, but no, it’s the same. Who is hugging.

14. At this level, we are no longer talking about tanning but about cooking time.

15. Well what’s the idea of ​​having a laptop on your wrist, you have to start there before talking about sunscreen.

16. Someone installed the “Paint” software on his back in real life, I don’t see any other explanation.

17. The temporary tattoo that will stay forever. Too bad for the choice of design.

18. Mittens are really the gloves that you don’t need, let alone when there’s enough sun to tan.

19. Best sunburn ever, no complaints.

20. “Passionate about barbecues, he tattoos all the stages of cooking meat on his arm. The three will amaze you.”

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