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Top 20 of the funniest tweets about Listenbourg, the country that Americans don’t know

Twitter has given us another moment of grace in recent days. It all started with a tweet from Gaspardo who, to poke fun at Americans who weren’t geo-deficient (pleonasm), invented a new country west of Portugal: Listenbourg. Everything could have ended there, and it would have already been funny, but the thing got carried away very quickly. For two days, tweets about Listenbourg multiplied, giving ever more life to this less and less imaginary country which ended up finding itself in the most searched terms on Google. There is only one people that does not make people laugh: the Ricans. Which makes us laugh even more.








21. (Bonus) A little educational thread for those who are still unfamiliar with Listenbourg

At least now you know that if you suck at geography, you’re not alone.

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