Top 20 of the craziest photos of New York under the snow, the good powder

In recent days, in western New York State in the United States, the inhabitants have hit a devilish snowstorm (if you forgive me the expression), which has led them to find themselves under a huge layer of 1m80 powder. Even in this area, where winters are usually harsh, such a large amount of snowfall is unusual. I therefore have two choices: to remind you of the disastrous consequences of climate change, or to share with you the photos of Americans who clearly illustrate the oddity of this situation. And I’m a little too lazy to talk about ecology.

1. To give you an extent of the mess

2. This guy is 1.93m tall. That’s a nice little layer of snow.

4. Nature has resumed its course

5. The guys totally made themselves a snow bar

6. You must always have a good put to measure

7. They will end up regretting the fires the firefighters

8. Not very practical to get out of the car

9. Be careful, the snow hides huge coypus

10. It’s really gone balls in fact

12. The snow cover reached 3.5 Kirbys around here.

13. When you parked somewhere but you don’t know where

14. It didn’t taint his joie de vivre and that’s beautiful

15. Finally a real man’s fridge

16. 8 am to clear this driveway when the Sun would have taken care of it at one time or another (it’s stupid)

17. It’s good to keep style in all circumstances

18. It’s the future actually

19. It’s as beautiful as funny, it looks like a novel (but I don’t know by whom)

20. Alright we’re not going to work today

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