Top 20 of the best French series on Netflix, we don’t just do rillettes in France

Have you picked up the Netflix codes from a friend or just signed up and want to watch all kinds of stuff? Already finished the best series on Netflix and the best Netflix original series? Don’t panic, you still have a part of the selection that you probably haven’t explored thoroughly yet and these are the best French series, because yes, they do exist.

1. Ten percent

The daily life of a celebrity agent agency, with their problems and the need to obtain the best celebrities, all with a host of guests. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s in between. Yeah, I’ve never looked and it shows, but it seems to be very good.

2. In therapy

Big success of containment, the series In therapy followed a few sessions with a psychiatrist and some of his patients. It’s well acted, well written and it’s original. Finally original, it’s a remake but it’s quite nice what, and then season 2 has just arrived so it’s the opportunity to get started.

3. Family Business

The life of a family of butchers who decide to start selling weed by opening the first “beucherie” and all the imaginable adventures they will encounter on the way to this project. A Jonathan Cohen / Gérard Darmon duo that works pretty well and some really funny episodes.

4. Lupin

The true story of a burglar gentleman cleaner (no it’s not really a true story, I have mytho) who wants to avenge his father. The series has achieved the feat of being a hit in the United States, which is rather rare for a French production. And above all, there’s Omar Sy in it, what more do you need?

5. Funny

“It’s Validated but on stand-up instead of rap”. That’s how someone described this series to me, which is about stand-up and several stand-up characters at different stages of their careers.

6. In the service of France

The adventures of a secret agent who was a bit of a loser in the France of yesteryear, does that make you think of something? It’s normal, it’s made by the same creator / writer as the movies OSS 117 and it’s also absurd and quirky.

7. Myth

A mother who is bored and overwhelmed by her daily life decides to invent a breast tumor to turn her life upside down. The series was really noticed when it was released and had very good reviews, good reasons to watch it rather than Huge in France with Gad Elmaleh who did not have the same reception.

8. 13 November

A difficult and touching documentary series on the Bataclan attacks with the intervention of more than forty people directly concerned (survivors, firefighters, politicians, etc.) and which retraces the events that took place during the evening.

9. Zone Blanche

Mix between thriller and fantasy, Zone Blanche shows village life where there are murders, disappearances, noises of crows disturbing the neighborhood and potentially even supernatural stuff. In short, there are two seasons and it’s a good pick.

10. Marianne

From the French horror series, and if on paper it does not convince you, know that at the time Stephen King himself had praised the series. It’s about a writer, her childhood and some pretty traumatic stuff, not to mention the fact that it’s a quick watch because there’s only one season. Great isn’t it?

11. Skids

The descent into hell of a sixty-something father who tries to fight his precariousness after being fired from his job. A human drama which IN ADDITION is brought to the screen by Éric Cantona (who plays super well), the best monument in France.

12. Heart plan

Two friends decide to hire a gigolo to make one of their girlfriends forget her ex, who can’t turn the page, but the story quickly becomes serious. Little secrets of friends and couple stories, all the ingredients that make a series that personally scares me, but treat yourself.

13. Gregory

The documentary series on the appalling affair of little Grégory explained in detail to a new generation the key moments of a news item that marked the country. It’s well done and full of unpublished interviews, one of the best French documentary productions on the platform.

14. Charity Bazaar

Series based on the true drama of the fire at the Bazar de la Charité with Audrey Fleurot, Josiane Balasko but above all Gilbert Melki, a guy who looks downright nice in everyday life.

15. Deadly

Two high school students investigating the disappearance of the brother of one of them make a pact with a voodoo god who gives them supernatural powers, which will turn their lives upside down. And it seems quite logical if you think about it, meeting a voodoo god and gaining powers is unusual for a Tuesday.

16. H

Yes it’s gotten old, yes there are a few jokes that don’t go over too well today but hell, it was the golden age of Eric and Ramzy and Jamel. It’s full of cult scenes and stupid lines, just for that you have to watch it.

17. The Cottage

A short thriller in six episodes centered on a small village in the Alps and the life of a family over two eras, the cottage manages to install a suspense which, if you are a client of the genre, will make you stay. Personally, I never looked because I have a phobia of chalets. I am also very afraid of après-ski and I think the two phobias are linked.

18. Osmosis

Anticipation science fiction series, Osmosis is about a brother and sister who create a groundbreaking dating app but don’t go very well in beta testing, which kind of sucks. The series was canceled after the first season because it didn’t do well enough for Netflix so don’t expect anything conclusive. At worst, start there and watch the end of another series to feel like you’ve finished it.

19. Bonus: The Snake

YES IT’S NOT A FRENCH SERIES, but hey, the cast is mostly French and just for Tahar Rahim’s performance I wanted to talk about it in this top. What are you going to do anyway? Insult me ​​in the comments? Take a ticket. Otherwise the series is cool, must see it.

20. Marseille

Nah, I’m joking. I just needed one last point to fill in the top and I had to mention this series, even as a joke.

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