Top 20 memes that will speak to vegans, they have a difficult life

If you are, like me, one of the salad eaters who get carried away at family meals, here is a top that should make your little heart very happy. Let’s all raise our leeks in the air to make fruits and vegetables triumph. The seed dictatorship will win.

1. “When there are more than two vegan options on the menu and you now have to decide what you want”

2. “When the burger tastes a little too realistic”

3. “Vegans / The guy who forgot to put milk in Oreos”

4. “People applauding me for being rich enough to be vegan / Me eating rice and kidney beans everyday”

5. “When alcohol is the only vegan option at Christmas”

” And a bottle of rum ! »

6. “Vegetables are actually delicious, you just don’t know how to cook them.”

7. “The ‘No Vegan Option’ Emergency Kit”

8. “When you’re at a dinner party and everyone finds out you’re vegan”

” Why ?? »

“Do you miss the meat? »

“Isn’t that a bit expensive? »

“And the eggs?? »

“What’s wrong with the milk?” »

“Is the bread vegan? »

“And the honey? »

“I could never do it! »

“And the proteins?? »

10. “When your parents insisted your whole life that you eat vegetables and now that you do, they’re not happy.”

11. “But what do vegans eat??”

12. “0.5% honey + 0.2% milk powder = wasting products that could have been vegan”

13. “How oat milk drinkers view soy milk drinkers”

14. “Me: Do you have vegan options? / Them”

15. “The only right way to have chicken for dinner”

16. “When you visit a city where there are plenty of vegan options”

17. “I’m so vegan that every time I see this ad, I think it’s swimming in tofu.”

18. “When a new vegan product comes out”

19. “When you’re the only vegan at a party and you have to bring your own food”

20. “My friend gave me this saying he got me a vegan Easter egg.”

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