Top 20 funny tweets about nephews and nieces, your children but without the problems that come with it

To have children is to suffer their vomit, their great anger, their unbearable tears, their childish whims and the shame they put on us on vacation… That’s a lot for a single being! Luckily, when that child is just your niece or nephew, you usually escape all those inconveniences because he/she is much too happy to see you and becomes a real little cream (which would almost make us want to have children, but no, don’t do that). We say thank you to them for existing (and allowing us to return to Disneyland) with a dedicated top tweet.

1. Nice analysis

2. At the same time, is it so wrong?

3. Respect is gone for a nap

4. Imagining the face of the teacher correcting that

5. She knows her worth, go gurl

6. Rubble le sang

7. And so good app

8. 400 000 purée…

9. Leave it at a store checkout frankly, it’s better for everyone

10. There are limits to not cross

11. She’s not a niece, she’s a member of the Ministry of Education

12. It’s not Zavatta here

13. Ok I crack

14. You’re right, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

15. Kids these days aren’t what they used to be

16. They really respect nothing

17. I think there is a request for a new name.

18. Oh okay great

19. I’m afraid of this person without ever having met them

20. Better than a presidential debate

To all our aunts and uncles who taught us about real life. This one is for you.

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