Top 20 fat lazy people who deserve to go to hell, pathological laziness

We’re all someone else’s lazybones. But some aren’t afraid to abuse this uncommon power to do whatever they want. We hate them even more after seeing the following photos.

1. This guy who walks his dogs in a car

2. This husband who really decided to store his things badly

3. This guy who refuses to make any physical effort

4. Artisans who paint over ded insects

6. This woman who really disrespects frozen food

7. This person who refuses to go after his actions

8. People are highly couch potatoes.

9. This person who leaves the empty dish in the fridge

10. People who hang their dog poo bags on the fence

11. People who paint over the alarm because they’re too lazy to pay attention

12. This roommate who throws the dishes instead of doing them

Can we talk about one of the worst roommates in history? Certainly.

13. This guy who overdoes his choice of books in bookstores

14. People who pop confetti and don’t pick it up

16. People who don’t put shopping carts away, what did they do to you?

17. Graffiti artists who test their bombs directly on the ground

18. You actually just hurt me

19. Who the hell are you?

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