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Top 20 celebs’ very first red carpets when they were little babies

1. Drew Barrymore (1982)

Too miiiiiims little Drew at the age of seven on the carpet of the premiere ofET The extraterrestrial. We want to give him all the roles in the world.

2. Daniel Radcliffe (2001)

He has changed our Dany a lot, since his first appearance on the red carpet on the occasion of the release of the film Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s crazy how time flies, isn’t it?

3. Angelina Jolie (1986)

I imagine that your shock is total. It’s normal ! We are more used to seeing Angelina Jolie in her debut in dress Lara Croft than when he first appeared at the 1986 Academy Awards alongside his father Jon Voight. But mash, this photo is phew, isn’t it???

4. Miley Cyrus (2006)

Little Miley whose big smile reminds us how much Hannah Montana was really the best series in the universe in the early 2000s. And here I am crying now, great, thank you Miley!

5. Julia Roberts (1985)

Long before his success in Mystic Pizza et Pretty Womanthe actress distinguished herself in Runaway Train which she promoted in 1985 alongside Jon Voight. The least we can say is that it has nevertheless changed a lot in the meantime.

6. Brad Pitt (1988)

No comments…

7. Taylor Swift (2006)

Taylor Swift definitely looks like a high school girl in this photo. And for good reason, she is 16 years old in this photo taken just after the release of her first success Tim McGraw. Wow the blow of old…

8. Leonardo DiCaprio (1989)

See the actor at the time of What’s up Doc ?, in 1989, reminds me that I would sell father and mother to have a son who looks like young Leonardo DiCaprio. I would have said a guy, but in the photo, he’s 15, so it would be a little weird if I started throwing stuff like that at you.

9. Jennifer Anniston (1990)

Our international Jennifer hasn’t always been the Rachel of Friends, oh no. She started with a role in the series Ferris Bueller which earned her her first red carpet at a party hosted by NBC. It’s not glorious either, but it does the trick.

10. Adele Exarchopoulos (2006)

The actress certainly wishes this photo was gone forever, but the occasion was too good to pass up. Don’t worry Adele, we’ve all been there, we love you the same!

11. Natalie Portman (1994)

But how young little Natalie looks, from the height of her 12 years, on the carpet of Léon ! It was another era. And now she’s here…

12. Rihanna (2005)

Riri’s very first outfit pays homage to the period that launched her: the 2000s. Like a desire to return to the era of MP3 players and Fan 2 magazines.

13. Scarlett Johansson (1996)

We tend to forget it a little too much, but Scarlett Johnson was revealed very early, at the age of 12, in 1994 with her first film North. But it was not until 1996 that she made her first appearance on the red carpet thanks to her role in the film Manny & Lo.

14. Dakota Johnson (1996)

Before making her small solo career, Dakota Johnson made her first appearance on a carpet wheel at the age of seven (some are very precocious, what do you want), accompanying her father Don Johnson on the movie premiere Tin. Too much want to be his babysitter.

15. Freddie Highmore (2004)

The Charlie actor in Charlie and the chocolate factory made his small hole in the cinema in a very clean way since he was recommended by Johnny Depp himself following his performance in the film Neverland, At the age of 12. Very quality. It is also on this occasion that we owe the photo of his first “red carpet”. The guy has class.

16. Emma Watson (2001)

As for her boyfriend Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson made her first red carpet at the age of 11, for the release of the first part ofHarry Potter. We already loved him with love, at the time.

17. Bradley Cooper (2001)

So Bradley, I know it was another time, but in particular, I wonder how other people could have wanted to play you in their films after Alias, with this haircut for a first appearance on the red carpet. You had to dare…

18. Jennifer Lawrence (2007)

Before becoming an international actress, Jennifer Lawrence first became known through her roles on television. In 2007, she made her first red carpet at the 15th annual Movieguide Faith and Values ​​Awards. Yes, only distant memories.

19. Hilary Duff (2001)

His role in the series Lizzie McGuire gave Hilary Duff her first red carpet in 2001. Thank you Disney Channel for this moment frankly, it would have been a shame to miss it.

20. Josh Hutcherson (2002)

Little Peeta from Hunger Games has become very big since his first appearance in Hansel & Gretel at 10 years old, in 2002. He was already too mims, explain to me how it is possible??

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