Top 20 Boomer T-Shirts That Are Awkward and Unfunny

Boomers often have weird delusions: telling us it was better before, telling us that they were offered an orange for Christmas, and wearing boomer t-shirts. But what if, you know, those kind of t-shirts with “humorous” messages that turn out to be way more embarrassing than funny? We don’t know why they inflict their lack of taste on us, but it seems to make them happy. For us, it especially makes us shiver with unease.

1. The joke seen and reviewed on Facebook

“At my funeral, I want someone to take the bouquet from my casket and toss it into the crowd to see who’s next. »

2. Do you have it???? …

“Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash. Now we have no more jobs and no more cash. God, don’t let Kevin Bacon die. »

3. But why??

“I am drowning, help me

_ Hi Entraindemenoyer, I am Jesus. »

4. Rednecks and humor rarely go well together.

“I’m amazing in bed!” I can sleep for hours”

5. She’ll be happy to hear it

“I could have worn my other t-shirt but I forgot it at your mother’s”

6. Wow it’s so scary (no)

“I can’t go to hell, Satan has a restraining order against me”

7. Why print it on a t-shirt then?

“To fish or not to fish, what a stupid question”

8. When you need to brag about it, it’s not going well

“0 day sober”

9. The best site for those looking for shit

You have the ref huh?

10. No one wants to sit on him

“2 seats”

11. Please bald people don’t buy this t-shirt

“Why do you need hair when you have a body like mine? »

12. Damn this one made me smile, I’m contaminated

“The best thing about being a grandfather is sleeping with Grandma”


“If you can read that, you’re close enough to feel my ass”

14. The kind of t-shirt you wear because your wife forced you

15. This is going too far

“Gluten, the new Al-Qaeda”

16. Being pissed off over lettuce is too much

“Fuck the lettuce”

17. No, just no

(I measured more, and it’s wrong)

18. Ok I’m going to stay at Sosh I think

The clothes fails, we can forgive, but that no.

19. Wooow that’s so problematic

“I have a dick so I’m in charge”

20. Such a concentrate of bad taste is downright creepy

“I am proud to be the wife of a crazy husband. He was born in September. He may seem quiet and reserved, but he knows more than he says, he thinks more than he talks, and he notices more things than you realize. He loves me so much and he is my best friend. If you mess with me, the beast in him will wake up, and your body will never be found. Yes, he was the one who gave me this t-shirt. »

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