Top 20+ activities in Paris that will make you think you’re on vacation, to travel cheap

Spending your holidays in Paris in the middle of a heat wave when all your Instagram is by the beach or on rooftops on the other side of the world is better, much better even. We are thinking of you, you who dream of a change of scenery and no longer taking the metro under 35 degrees, you who are tired of getting sunburn because you stayed too long on the last sunny terrace and not because of Cancun’s UV index. At bàs Paris Plage, we will make you travel cheaply and while staying in Paris and its surroundings, not bad, right?

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Here is an activity that will allow you to discover the history of the farm and floral permaculture and to compose your own seasonal bouquet.

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To believe you are in your little garden in Provence or in the countryside, all year round. After this workshop, urban gardening will have no more secrets for you.

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Take flight aboard a small plane for a unique flight-sharing experience with a partner.

Because you haven’t yet found THE ideal country house (no money worries, you’re just looking for the rare pearl) here’s something to rest for a weekend alone or with your friends, your family, your other half… and all that right on the water. Find our best airbnb with private pool in Ile-de-France, you will surely find what you are looking for.

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To change the view of your apartment a little, fly to other horizons near Paris to breathe a blow.

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It’s possible to play sports while looking at beautiful landscapes along the water and it’s even very close to Paris. The perfect activity to get away from it all (and build some muscle).

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Who doesn’t really like tree climbing? Whether we are fearful or the greatest of adventurers, we always find a course that suits us! Reserve your Saturday afternoon, grab your best helmet and let’s go.

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No better time to get laid than when the weather is nice and warm. To see a breathtaking landscape you know what you have to do.

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Well you may be wandering the streets of Paris but with the Beer Bike it will be while boozing. You will see the city from a totally different angle.

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A little cruise on the Seine is it tempting? You bring back your best friends, your best bottles of wine… the perfect aperitif!

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Get out of your comfort zone, you’re not 80 yet, you can afford to live experiences and summer is made for that, right?

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Does an atypical night tempt you? In addition, at a maximum of 2 hours from Paris, enough to have a great time! You can also find your happiness in our top unusual airbnb near Paris, accessible as the crow flies.

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You don’t have to go to the other side of the world to learn to dive, no. Get ready for your future excursions by getting ahead and having a good time and all that close to Paris!

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Here we are talking about a culinary journey, around the only activity that deserves to exist: eating, being satisfied. Take advantage of this little tour of Paris to discover new restaurants and especially to see it from a completely different angle.

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Put on your best suit to go water skiing, wake boarding… and all that on the Seine, it smells like vacation.

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Embark on a little boat trip, just to get away from it all on Lake Vincennes. You’ll feel like you’re far from Paris, isn’t that the goal?

They are no longer available, and that’s a shame

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It’s summer and you deserve a little break! But be careful, you don’t want to lose an arm just for an evening, here’s something to combine business with pleasure with this site which offers luxury hotels at reduced prices.

Take full advantage of these little moments even if you stay in Paris you can still have fun and maybe even make people jealous!

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