Top 19 photos that cause a shiver of disgust, brrrrr

Were you having a good time? It’s finish. I decided to kick your morale to zero and the urge to vomit to 8,000 because I’m a little bored at the moment, my friends are away and I’m on a mono-diet so I have to go ‘to keep busy. So, I made a small selection of photos for you that made me gag more than a wet sponge in the bottom of a sink. What make you want to do a good cleaning in every corner of your home. At least you won’t be pissed off. And it shines!

1. A Good Look at Bed Bug Hell

2. Be careful not to take too sharp turns…

3. In any case, it makes you want to spend hours in the toilet…

4. Who wants candies?

6. This person is done with the keep-or-take-off-the-guests-shoes debate.

7. Imitation “grapefruit pulp” lips that are a little too reminiscent of herpes

8. A little boy who cries because his mother discovered his pee drawer

9. Who wants good mieeel?

10. Want to vomit on me

11. Feel free to grab one of those bottles full of piss to quench your thirst

13. Little thought for the people who will eat from his misplaced plates

14. We all had those horrible college keyboards.

15. When the dishwashing guy refuses to change the water in the dishes (I’ll never eat out again)

16. The importance of hygiene

17. When you realize while brushing your teeth that there are a few more bristles on your brush today…

18. A mouse that needs to be euthanized

19. Always remember to clean the inside of your keyboard to remove spiders’ nests

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