Top 18 things we all do when we get a new tattoo

Whether it’s the first in your life, your 10th or your 1000th and your mother has already had several heart attacks because you officially become an infrequent person, it does not prevent that when your new tattoo is finished, certain behaviors are born in your daily life . And you can’t do anything about it.

1. Already, observe it non stop

Just because he’s too handsome, even if he’s pissing blood and scabs.

2. Buy lots of paper towel

You take the opportunity to deny your filthy towel there.

3. Discover the usefulness of PH neutral soap

Admit you had never thought of looking at the PH of soaps before your first tattoo.

4. Scratch the area JUST NEXT to avoid scratching the tattooed area

This is probably the worst side effect of tattoos: IT SCRATCHES ITS DEAD.

5. Be super careful when taking off any clothes

You have the impression that if there is friction, your tattoo is ruined and you have to redo everything.

6. Take weird positions in the shower

Arm Tattoo: Arm outside to avoid hot water.

Tattoo on the leg: leg outside to avoid hot water.

Tattoo on the chest or back: good luck.

7. Learn to appreciate cold water

Better feeling.

8. Be careful not to sleep on it

You’re hoping for one thing and that’s not waking up to the bloody tattoo you just scratched off.

9. Observe falling scabs

It’s nice.

10. Tell everyone “look at my new tattoo”

It will last 2 weeks, and your friends will only want to put brushes on you.

11. Avoid all sunlight

You become an inhabitant of the shadows, a being who rejects any bathing in salt water.

12. Answer lots of questions

“How long did it last? “, ” It was painful ? “, “Is it the same tattoo artist as the other time? », « Does it hurt you if I touch? “.

13. Justify your choice of pattern to your friends

They expect a phew explanation in 2 parts + intro conclusion, but in real life you just wanted this motif.

14. Discover bras

Point only for the chicks who wear bras at the base. The bra becomes your best friend, and comfort avoid.

15. Finding out how inflexible you are

Point only for the stiff as a nail who had the good idea to get a tattoo on the back.

16. Make an Instagram post

Obviously, for your community you know.

17. Monitor the tattoo artist’s Instagram account to know if you will become famous

An Insta post at best, a story at worst, but you’re ready to draw a comment “thank you for this moment” or “wow too beautiful surely your most beautiful work”.

18. See if your tattoo appears on Topito

In this top of the worst tattoos. The answer is no because you have taste.

If you too have a tattoo, then you are a good person.

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