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Top 18 regions of France from most left to least left

Hello hello electos. There you go, the verdict is in, and you know (unless you live in a cave, and in that case, it’s still super nice of you to continue reading Topito) that Macron and Le Pen are the two qualified candidates for the second round of presidential elections. Kind of like deja vu, huh? Center right VS extreme right, youhouuuu. And the left in all this? Well, she still fought well! Finally… More in some regions than in others…

(For this top, the percentage announced for the left combines the results obtained by Mélenchon, Jadot, Roussel, Hidalgo, Poutou and Arthaud. On the right, it is the addition of the votes won by Le pen, Zemmour, Pécresse and Dupont-Aignan. For the center, it is the results of Macron and Lassalle that are concerned. )

1. Guadeloupe (61,09 %)

With 61.09% of votes on the left cumulatively, Guadeloupe is by far the most left-wing region of France in this first round of presidential elections. Moreover, there, Mélenchon would have been elected by an absolute majority since he won 56.16% of the vote.

2. Martinique (60,49 %)

We remain in the DROMs for the second best score from the left: 60.49%. Special mention to the votes for Mélenchon which also exceeds 50% (53.10%) and… for Hidalgo, since it is the only French region where it exceeded 3%. It’s nice.

3. Guyana (57.51%)

Hey hop: a podium 100% overseas regions. In Guyana, 57.51% of the vote was won by the left, with Mélenchon still in the absolute majority (50.59%)! It’s at bâboooooor that we yell, that we yell, it’s at bâboooooor that we yell the loudest!

4. Reunion (46.86%)

In Reunion, 46.86% of the votes go to left-wing candidates. The majority of the votes went, here too, to Mélenchon, with 40.26% of the votes. In second place, very far behind: Marine Le pen, with 24.73% of the vote.

5. Ile-de-France (39.99%)

Welcome to the first metropolitan region in this ranking! In Île-de-France, 39.99% of the vote is displayed on the left. At the top of the list: Mélenchon, again and again, 2,819 votes ahead of Macron. A moved thought for Pécresse, president of the region, who will have obtained only 6.19% of the votes of the Ile-de-France residents. Hard. Hehe.

6. Brittany (33.31%)

Among the Bretons, Jean-luc Mélenchon came second, more than 12 points behind Macron, and only 22,134 votes ahead of Marine Le Pen. All in all, 33.31% of the votes went to left-wing parties. It is in Brittany that Jadot achieved its best score with 6.19% of the votes.

7. Occitania (32.64%)

Very tight podium on the side of the Occitane region: there is only a 2-point difference between Mélenchon, who came third at 22.42% of the vote, and Marine Le Pen, first at 24.62%. In total, 32.64% of voters voted on the left, against 38.29% on the right, and 23.48% for the current president. Which means that, yes… 7th region out of 18, and the left/right balance is already reversed.

First round of the 2022 presidential election this Sunday April 10 in France with 12 candidates in the running. Discover the results in the Occitanie region, in your department and your municipality with France Bleu.

Posted by France Blue Occitania on Sunday, April 10, 2022

8. Auvergne Rhône Alpes (31.89%)

The left comes third in the ranking, just over a point behind Le Pen’s 22.28% and 6 points behind Macron’s 27.75%. In the eastern suburbs of Lyon, it is still one in two voters who voted for France Insoumise.

9. New Aquitaine (30.94%)

A blow for the left, since Mélenchon, who came second in 2017, is relayed to third place. The extreme right of Marine Le Pen, she climbed to the second step of the podium by gaining 4 points. For his part, Macron loses 2.5 points, but still retains the lead in the standings. In Bordeaux, prefecture of the region, Mélenchon is still well ahead of Marine Le Pen, with 29.06% of the vote against only 8.52% for the qualified candidate.

10. Pays de la Loire (30.9%)

If in the majority of departments Macron and Le Pen are respectively in first and second place, on the Loire-Atlantique side, Mélenchon is ahead of Le Pen. In Nantes, as in many large French cities, the candidate of France Insoumise even climbed to first place with 32.90% of the votes cast against 29.65% for Macron.

#presidentielles2022 This Sunday, April 10, 2022, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is leading the first round of the 2022 presidential election in #Nantes. Results.

Posted by Ocean Press on Sunday, April 10, 2022

11. Normandie (28,85%)

In Normandy, the gap widened between the FN and the Popular Union: 27.14% of the vote for Le Pen against 18.82% for Mélenchon. Still in the lead: Macron with 29.26% of the votes.

12. Mayotte (28.47%)

Unlike the other overseas regions, the majority of Mayotte voted… on the far right. 42.68% of the votes for Marine Le Pen, followed by far by Mélenchon and his 23.96%. In reality, this corresponds to 6,560 discrepancy slips. We take this opportunity to salute Nathalie Arthaud who recorded her best score on this island, with 1.23% of the ballot, or… 430 votes and a 7th place ahead of Lassalle, Poutou, Hidalgo, Jadot and Roussel!

13. Centre-Val-de-Loire (28.46%)

Nearly 10 points difference between Macron’s center right and third place JLM. 18.68% of the vote for Mélenchon against 28.53% for the outgoing president. Marine Le Pen is at 25.86% of the vote.

14. Burgundy Franche Comte (28.36%)

In Bourgogne Franche Comté, the Rassemblement National came out on top with 27.35% of the votes cast. With only a point difference, Macron is hot on the heels of the far-right candidate. On the other hand, the gap widened considerably with the People’s Union, which recorded 18.56% of the vote. In total, 28.36% of the ballots went in favor of the left, 42.2% to the right, and 26.31% for the Republic En Marche.

15. PACA (27,97%)

27.97% for the entire left, while the two of them, Zemmour and Le Pen already have 39.8%. Lalalalalalala, it’s soooo nice………….

16. Hauts-de-France (27.94%)

Hello, nice to meet you, hello! So here we are on the podium of the three most racialized regions… The most right-wing in France! On the third step, therefore, the Hauts-de-France and their 33.35% of votes for Marine Le pen. SKjdskhfdkjfh…. Oops, sorry. The tears in my eyes blurred my sight, hehe. We salute Poutou and Arthaud who fought for the last place with only 173 ballots apart (21,150 for the king of the clash, against 20,977 anyway, for the workers’ struggle).

17. Great East (26.24%)

We stay in the north of the country, heading for the Grand Est, border territory of Hauts-de-France. Like their neighbours, residents of the region overwhelmingly voted for the far right. 29.54% of the votes in favor of Marine Le Pen, Macron is not far away with 27.28%, and still on the third step of the podium: Mélenchon, almost 10 points behind the outgoing president.

18. Corse (22,02%)

And finally… Welcome to Corsica, the island of all records in this first round of presidential elections. On the program: an extreme right largely in the lead (28.58% for Marine, then 18.11% of the vote for Macron, in second position), Lassalle and Zemmour who make their best scores (respectively 10.4% and 12.80 %) and finally… The highest abstention rate in France with 37% of the inhabitants who shunned the presidential election.

For the first round of the 2017 presidential election, turnout at 5 p.m. was 69.42%. Already down from the 2012 election.

Posted by Point on Sunday, April 10, 2022

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