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Top 18 of the worst parked cars in history, they had their license at the bottom of a garbage bag

I grant you, being myself the owner of a tuned clio with chrome aluminum rims, there are cities in France where parking really costs a blind. However, this does not justify the behavior of slobs of these people who park like dirt on bike paths, on sidewalks or on any other place that can piss off other people. If you are one of them, know that I strongly despise you and that you just deserve the same fate as these people who park like shit and pay the price. Yes, yes, even if you are less worse than those who will follow.

2. The guy still hasn’t understood the concept of stop

4. Rare image of a guy who doesn’t give a damn about parking on a medical helipad access

5. He certainly had an enemy among cyclists and wanted to make him pay

6. “For green vehicles only”………

7. Come on it’s good, you got me drunk

8. It’s well deserved

9. Wouldn’t a parking lot be made to park in the middle after all huh??

11. “Not two, not three, but four!”

12. “Follow us for quality parking”: a certain idea of ​​irony

13. Nice trio of winners

15. I was more agile in guided driving than this person

16. No, but make serious efforts…

17. The guy rode on gender respect

18. Your body is still too big my friend!

Race condés, it’s vroom vroom.

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