Top 18 of the worst fridges in existence, no respect for the object

If, obviously, there are plenty of mistakes not to make with your fridge, the people below have clearly not taken note of our advice (and clearly do not have the objects that allow you to better organize your fridge ). The result is absolutely abominable and makes me want to drink refrigerant.

1. We are on a failure of life

2. When your fridge tries to eat your kiwi

3. Certainly the saddest sight of humanity

4. Want to vomit through all the pores of the skin

6. Cute and spooky at the same time

7. A totally wrong way to serve fresh fish

8. Watch out, I know people who have locked up their cats like that.

10. When you wake up the next day and you don’t know how it ended

11. Looks like a bad remake of Eraserhead

12. OK but in fact why?

13. This person who abandons his vegetables miserably

14. Everyone’s Nightmare

15. This is called a monomaniacal diet.

16. A good reason to rejoice in the cold weather

17. If depression was a fridge

18. Cute: 1, Hygiene: zero

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