Top 18 of the most boring series characters, those who are boring like the rain

There is always someone in a gang who only serves to remind us that some people are vortexes of boredom that feed on our soul and our energy that we generally call the “boring gang”. . In the series it’s totally the same thing since these works manage to remind us of the extent to which there are smooth and useless people who only breathe boredom, which we invite you to see right away.

1. Rick dans “The Walking Dead”

“Gnagnagna my wife she died after sleeping with my best friend and I can’t tell if my hair is better short or long”, but what a joke, and to say that the character from the comics is absolutely brilliant they really shit their adaptation.

2. Ross Geller in “Friends”

He spends his time complaining and victimizing himself, already the series is boring like a day without bread if it’s more to stuff this asshole paleontologist who drunk it’s not worth wasting his time so many seasons .

3. Ted Mosby dans “How I met your mother”

The guy takes ten seasons to tell a super boring story that would have taken at most an hour for someone normal and overall it’s useless, it’s as flat as a road in Belgium (which we call the flat country and which is the best place in the world).

4. Beth Harmon in “The Queen’s Game”

His passion is chess, not necessarily need to justify more than that his place in this top it seems to me (sorry for the fans).

5. Elsa Gardner in “Atypical”

She is deeply bored in her role as an American stay-at-home mom, so she spends her time being on the backs of her kids or finding new marital problems with her husband. Boredom personified.

6. Eleven dans “Stranger Things”

The fans will still scream but apart from screaming “papaaaaaa”, eating waffles, crying for various reasons (and rarely justified) and bleeding from the nose, it really does not help much.

7. The Night King in “Game of Thrones”

The guy spends 12 seasons walking towards a wall without ever saying a word. The only fun thing he does is kill a dragon, ah and at one point he also smiles when he raises his arms. There you go, really all rotten as a super villain.

8. Toby dans dans “This is Us”

The character by far the most boring of the series (not easy to win the palm of the most boring characters in this series where all the characters are boring). Unbearable this guy in love with cold ass ass the praline who plays it pot of glue with Kate, enough to stop the series.

9. Frenchie dans “The Boys”

You should really start by taking an actor who knows how to speak French and say something other than “my heart” super badly. Apart from that, past season 2 the character is useless apart from being Kimiko’s lover and it’s a shame. Afterwards, I like him anyway, but you have to admit, he sucks.

10. Carolyn in “Killing Eve”

Here is what my colleague Louise thinks: “I no longer know why she was boring but balek of her dead son and her all-out back story. »

Apparently she really doesn’t like him.

11. Hodor dans “Game of Thrones”

Already the guy can only say his name and in addition he does not know how to dress. Afterwards he has a super big dick so that’s at least a positive point.

12. Ofwarren dance “Handmaid tales”

With her pirate eye, she pisses everyone off, she never manages to rebel against her executioners, she wastes everyone’s time, we just want to slap her. Next.

13. Gavin orsay dans “House of cards”

At one time this series was considered great and then after we learned that Kevin Spacey was a beautiful human shit and the series lost all its hype. In short, make the effort to put yourself in the context before these revelations and remember this character of shitty hacker ass who is useless.

14. Jonathan dans “Stranger Things”

The guy saved his brother once in season 1 and since then he’s just used to look like a junkie and try to get thicker than the layer of makeup on Vecna’s face. No messing around, it’s useless.

15. Camille Valentini in “Ten percent”

The girl is almost the main character of the series but even if she is cute, let’s be honest her plot is useless. At least that’s what my colleague Jeanne told me since I personally never watched an episode.

16. Theo in “The Rings of Power”

He fucks everyone up for some reason, while the adults take great care to explain things to him and bah naaaaaaan, he has to do what he decides and play with a cursed sword. In addition, his haircut is all busted.

17. Karen in “Californication”

She keeps leaving Hank to get back together with him just because she doesn’t know what she wants and that, for seven seasons. Seven seasons is really long.

18. The baby in “Breaking Bad”

No interest, no fuck cooking good crytal meth to help her dad, other than blubbering and pissing herself she doesn’t try at all to fix the problems that are tearing her family apart. Another proof that Breaking Bad is overrated.

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