Top 18 Funny Tweets About The Final Dissertation, A Student’s Worst Nightmare

If you did graduate studies after the baccalaureate, you may have had, like me, to write a great 100-page dissertation in two days (well, eight months, but hey, procrastination, you know) with one of the most interesting (which you certainly regretted from the summary). Unfortunately, despite all the good reasons to delete the dissertation, we are still looking for tips to embroider our dissertation. What a sad life. So here are tweets that should remind you that you are not alone in this mess. Think of adding me in the thanks on the other hand, I did not do all that for nothing.

1. Really want to read this dissertation

2. So hello first

3. Getting mugged like that, in the morning, pfff

4. It’s shameful, reframe it well

6. I can’t even tell if I can believe it

7. Want to put some brushes

8. Hello, I would like to go back to CM1

9. Drink to forget

10. Do not miss the good turns of phrase

11. Sah what a life

12. Damn cicada that hits us every time

14. So that’s nice

15. But ???? Change ex!

16. What if I take the opportunity to clean my room?

17. But what about you ???? Swear??

18. A Real Pleasure

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