Top 18 funny tweets about studying medicine, the worst studies in the world

Hematopoietic stem cells, amblyopia, Guedel cannula… If these terms mean nothing to you, it’s because there is no sign that you are a medical student and that’s good. Because these people are part of a world apart, ruled by different branches of medicine, with their own language and their way of recognizing each other (particularly alcohol consumption). Fortunately, we can count on the good testimonials of Twittos which show us how well we did not go into medicine.

1. Eat at the Crous >>> eat food cooked with the thermomix

2. Taken in a space time

4. The new HPIs, we’re talking to you

5. The temperature rises all of a sudden

6. The nerve

7. Too bad for them

8. I don’t know if I’m afraid of these people or if I really want to meet them

9. You have a family, a roof, what more do you need?

10. We are really jealous

11. Parents ready to do anything to support you, it’s nice

12. Trigger warning of nothing at all

13. Stop the clock, stop the clock

14. Do you also want to test now?

15. It is because they have no heart that they want to study ours

16. Everyone takes the breaks they want

17. The worst of the human species is on these benches

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