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Top 17 things to remember from the return of Married at first sight, season 6 episode 1

1. Well this year we cry after 5 minutes, well done M6

Personally, I was sitting quietly on my sofa and I hadn’t planned on crying just after turning on my tv, but M6 wanted it otherwise. The portrait of Alicia with the story of her car accident was way too sad. So it’s decided: Bruno has an interest in making her happy otherwise he’ll have to deal with us (well, after that he still has his say but let’s hope it works between them).

2. Ok, this maniac couple is going to be awesome

Alicia and Bruno are both full of fakes and thoroughly into cleaning, it will be nice their life as a couple:

“What are we doing tonight honey? »

“We are going to line up the remotes and check 18 times that the door is properly closed”


The ideal couple.

“During the tests we saw that they had the same vacuum cleaner so we thought they would be compatible”

3. Estelle invites herself to the OKLM wedding

Estelle she calls Alicia to tell her she’s getting married and she puts a little “I can’t wait to be at the town hall”. No, but oh Estelle, you haven’t received the invitation card yet, huh, who tells you that you’re still going to be able to drink champagne by the eye???

“Will you be very kind to book me a 4-star hotel my little Alicia”

4. A candidate who sings Disney? IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME

It only took 11 minutes flat to get to the first Disney song sequence. After Fred last year who thought he was Aladdin, this year it’s Alicia who performs a little “One day my prince will come” with a blue boa around his neck. This show is truly magical.

5. Good luck finding love Caroline

So here we are dealing with the most complicated profile ever seen in MAPR : Caroline has a kid, lives in a remote village, is eco-friendly, vegan and has 18 dogs. WELL, she combines the poor. Well in real life she has great values ​​and she is very nice so we hope it will work for her, but good luck anyway.

“My husband will have to eat quinoa at least 3 times a day and remember the names of my dogs”

6. Caro is perched

Pesquel came to surprise Caro (probably because she doesn’t have a phone), which resulted in the weirdest sentence of the episode: “When I saw his feet I didn’t realize he was on top”. Yes of course Caro, feet that walk around on their own, we see that every day.

But how did she not see it happen??

7. We also want to know what the 20% incompatibility between Caro and Axel is

Caro : “The remaining 20% ​​is that he is not vegan? »

Fish: “Yes, but on the other hand he loves to coat his body with margarine on full moon evenings”

Hello atmosphere.

8. Bruno’s father completely cracks

Well, clearly, Bruno screwed up the atmosphere in his family by announcing that he was going to marry a stranger. He made his father blubber who asked him “Bruno what have you done to us?” » I think he meant: “What have you done to us?” Because of you now we are going to go to Topito’s recaps”. It is true that it is bad luck.

“I’m not crying for the wedding, I’m crying because I’m going to be on TV with this haircut”


Alicia bought some shoes, went to the hairdresser and got a manicure. So. That’s all. We can move on.

There’s even the photo to prove it. In case you don’t believe me.

10. Drawing shamanic cards was bad fun

“Go draw a card”

“The Gila Monster”

“Ah shit, fine, take another one”

“The cobra”

“Damn, are you doing it on purpose? Pull another one”

« Voldemort »

“You are cursed my daughter”

“No, but then you have your moon in Aquarius so that doesn’t mean anything”

11. Short and thin guys got a stray bullet

Caro : “I want a guy who’s not too short and not too thin because I want him to be manly”

Little message of support for all the little and thin ones, you won’t become the dad of Caro’s 18 dogs. And it really doesn’t matter.

12. Big change: weddings will take place in Gibraltar

Estelle : “No, but it’s for psychological reasons, because in fact when couples find themselves in a different environment, it strengthens them and…”

We : “Did you really want to enjoy the seaside? »

Estelle : ” Yeah I admit “

13. Alicia rolls

After telling us that she had her nails done, Alicia tells us that she does roulades. I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of fun with Alicia this year.

14. Bruno’s sister is a little too close to Bruno

She still released us in complete relaxation: “He’s the man of my life, sorry to the future bride”.

Yes ok Carine, but will still have to let him get married huh.

“Uh wait if he gets married is he really going to spend more time with his wife than with me?”

15. Bruno’s face when he sees Alicia is magic

It can be seen that the guy said to himself: “OK the prod didn’t fuck with me”. He’s super hot, he’s already thinking about the wedding night, the trickster.

16. Well dad is much better since he saw Alicia

It was enough to put a beautiful kid in front of him for him to change his mind about marriage at first sight.

“So I decided to also register next year”

17. You had to have done English LV1 this year

Given Alicia and Bruno’s level of English, the mayor of Gibraltar could have made them read anything, like “I like to wear tutus and sniff dirty panties”, nobody would have picked up anything. Fortunately, he stayed straight and we got the first “yes” (well, “yes”) of the season. I almost cried.

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