Top 17 photos of trees that eat stuff, when nature takes back its rights

When you are born a tree, you necessarily fall into one of these categories: dangerous trees, the tallest trees, trees that grow anyhow, trees that deserve to be turned into logs and finally the category of the day : the trees that eat everything in their path. Those who should be kept on a leash.

1. The mailbox having a hard time

2. When guys fight for the same bench

3. A Reckless Tractor Trapped

5. It would almost make you want to do some fancy dress

6. Too cute, give him kibble

7. How come we haven’t made a horror movie with killer trees yet?

8. Ah bah super practical, imagine the sign it was a forbidden way?

9. Very anxiety-provoking this swing

10. When you lost your glasses for 10 years and you find them again, but not as you imagined.

11. Never seen a bully tree as much as a panel

12. It’s unbelievably violent

13. There you go, no more speed limit

14. This is clearly toxic behavior.

15. This is how you make a bench invisible

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