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Top 17 of the most mind-blowing world maps, by A map a day

You know our passion for world maps seen differently, today we provide you with a whole package drawn from the Instagram account” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>AMapADay which should leave you speechless. Sorry, you are now mute for the rest of your life. We do not always assess the danger of reading our tops.

1. The most used words by US state

2. Population density in Europe

3. The city of Missoula, Montana, the guys couldn’t decide

4. The ways of saying that we pass the weapon to the left in each American state

5. Sharks killed by men vs. the opposite

6. The most famous work of art by country in Europe

7. The Dutch Holiday Diaspora

8. The territories of the wolves

9. States with less population than Los Angeles

10. Places in Scotland where just no one lives

11. La Plata, the most gridded city in Argentina

12. Barcelona day vs. night

13. If everyone stood side by side, this is the place we would take

14. The number of kisses we get per country

15. When you want to speak moula in Europe

16. We all have a bit of Finland in us

17. Each of these sections contains 10% of the population

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