Top 17 mistakes spotted in The Bridgerton Chronicle, c’est nonsense

If since March 25, you’ve spent all your evenings watching The Bridgerton Chronicle crying over the love story of Kate and Anthony and checking the true ages of the Bridgerton actors, then you’ve come to the right place. Since the time, you have normally already torched the eight episodes of the two seasons, which is why we are going here to decipher all the dumplings left here and there. And there is a small package, I warn you. IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE SERIES, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING, THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Saison 1

1. Parking lines on the road

Most of the mistakes are in season 1 because let’s say it was their test season (yeah I try to make excuses for them, I feel bad for them). But making a mistake from the first seconds, you have to do it. They are looking, we can say. If you’ve been paying attention, you too have surely noticed this beautiful yellow line on the road at the start of episode 1, which is totally a line prohibiting the parking of cars. While there were only horse-drawn carriages at the time and the markings on the ground only appeared around 1940. I have no words.

Credits photo : Netflix

2. Telecom network plates

In episode 2, this dumpling could have gone unnoticed if we didn’t have history experts among our teams. Big cracks of landmarks and timelines. In this episode, while Penelope and Eloise are walking through the streets of London (well Bath since that’s where the series was shot), we can see the latter walking on a weird square on the ground. And imagine that this small plaque actually hides an English telecom network, and of course there was absolutely none at the time of the series. And damn…

Credits photo : Netflix

3. Doorbells and pipes on houses

To believe that they purposely hide modern elements in the decor to see which of the spectators will find the most. In the image below, which is also from the very beginning of the series, we can clearly see a beautiful pipe running through the entire Bridgerton house. And if you look closely, you can even see a nice modern doorbell on the left side of the door. Technology is beautiful.

Credits photo : Netflix

4. Hyacinthe and Grégory’s card game

And yes The Bridgerton Chronicle does not only contain anachronistic errors, but also beautiful false connections, to change a little. This is how in the episode where we see Hyacinthe and Gregory playing cards, we can see that on the last card of the pile, a three of hearts is displayed. On the next shot, however, we see very clearly a five of diamonds. Well well well…

Credits photo : Netflix
Credits photo : Netflix

5. The Fake Orchestra

Frankly, give an Oscar to these extras who imitate very very well musicians playing sounds of madness. Only problem, it looks a little less good on screen when you see that the violinists’ archers don’t even touch the strings. But hey, not everyone is a musician, huh!

Credits photo : Netflix

6. Imitation signature

Direction the Featherington house for the episode where Portia and Mrs. Varley conspire to imitate the handwriting of Marina’s lover George. As much as the imitation of the signature is very well done. As much as the connection between the shots, a little less, because on the first, we can clearly see that Mrs. Varley holds the leaves from the bottom while on the second, it is the top of the leaves that she holds between her fingers. Well then??

Credits photo : Netflix
Credits photo : Netflix

7. Electric streetlights

Surpriiiiise! I was waiting a bit for the surprise to pass to tell you, but on the same level as the yellow road lines, you can spot another dumpling. It is indeed the electric street lamp in the background, which, although it is old, is not at all period since there was no electricity when the series takes place, namely, in 1813. Street lighting did not arrive until 65 years later. The math is wrong…

8. Corsets

Well, there I grant you, we are more on a fashion detail than on an irreparable ball. But it’s true that we can still ask questions when we see, in episode 1, the Featheringtons trying to tighten Prudence’s corset attached to her very skin. You will know for your knowledge that corsets are mostly worn with a shirt underneath. Especially since at the time, it was mainly short panties that were in fashion. It stings a bit…

Credits photo : Netflix

9. Daphne’s white wedding dress

So yes, Daphne is very stylish in this white dress, we would put the ring on her finger ourselves. The problem is that her dress should not be white, because the first to wear a dress of this color was Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Still missed.

Credits photo : Netflix

10. The Primark Poster

A picture is worth more than 1000 words. I let you admire the pretty billboard to the left of the Duke, behind the window, an inevitable element when turning in front of a Primark.

Credits photo : Netflix

11. Eloise’s Cigarette

In the episode where Eloise confides in her brother Benedict, posed in the middle of the night on swings, we see her smoking an industrial cigarette without pressure (which incidentally earned her a remark from her brother). Except that this situation is highly impossible given that this kind of product was marketed only from 1830. Oupsiiie.

12. Anthony’s pen

Anthony, Anthony, what are you doing writing with a metal-tipped nib when that didn’t exist in your time and nibs didn’t appear until 1820-1830. You are hiding things from us Anthony… Not from us…

Credits photo : Netflix

13. Blinds at Sienna

Another nice blunder in episode 1. Because you can imagine that at the time, blind systems were super common, end I mean, it’s not at all curtains or shutters that we did not care about on all the windows…

Credits photo : Netflix

Saison 2

14. The corgi Newton

Too cute to have wanted to put a cute little animal to remind the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II and to include an element of cuteness in the series. The problem is that there were no corgis in London at that time. They just didn’t exist (poor people, but don’t worry, they can’t read, they’ll never see that). This breed was not recognized until a century later. Sorry Newton…

Credits photo : Netflix

15. Lady Violet Bridgerton’s number of children

I will only speak to those who watch the series in VOSTFR but it is an emergency. At the time of Anthony’s flashbacks, when we see him witnessing his mother’s (horrible) delivery, we can clearly read these words in the subtitles, spoken by Lady Violet: “This is my seventh . I know something is wrong”. The problem is that it is in fact her eighth child since she is pregnant with Hyacinthe who is the youngest, the one who did not know her father. But hey, we recognize that in such a situation, she clearly had a hard time counting the poor thing. And then in the other versions (VO or VF), Violet says that she has already done that seven times, which makes a lot more sense. Well done to the translators.

Credits photo : Netflix

16. The double ass scene

Does Netflix take us for big losers or were they too lazy to redo ten shots showing a sex scene? The mystery remains intact. Anyway, in episode 8, when Kate and Anthony have sex now that they are married, we clearly see a very familiar scene which is actually taken from episode 7, when the same characters have sex together for the first time. The scene was just flipped and the colors changed. We burned you Netflix!!

17. The Wedding Cake

We had already had the problem in season 1, but as there is a real dialogue on the wedding cake in season 2, I take this opportunity to slip you a crazy info: it is not possible that Anthony and Edwina had a cake at their wedding in 1814, as the concept was not introduced until 1882, when Prince Leopold married Helena de Waldeck-Pyrmont. Netflix is ​​clearly trying to trick us.

Credits photo : Netflix

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