Top 16 Stuff That Still Doesn’t Exist In 2022, And Honestly It’s Abused

It’s all well and good progress, innovation, technology and all the fuss, but at some point, we should still think about developing the stuff we’ve all been waiting for forever! You are cute with your airbag belts to prevent falls (yes, yes, it exists!), but after a while, we just wait for functional umbrellas and a cure for hangovers. Useful stuff. Simple. Are we in 2022 or 1650, in fact?

1. A properly designed umbrella

How is it possible that in 2022, we are not screwed to find an effective and practical umbrella at the same time? Something that slips into the bag, without turning over with each gust of wind, what.

2. The end of time changes

THE REAL END OF THIS IDIOTY. Not the “end” we’ve been promised for “next year” for about 1781 years.

3. Military clothes for pregnant women

It was not until mid-September 2022 that the Minister of the Armed Forces began to say to himself that “well, well… It would be stupid to provide pregnancy uniforms to our pregnant soldiers, wouldn’t it? Not funny when you know that France ranks 4th among women’s armies in the world, and that 15% of the workforce are women! For the moment and in accordance with the law n°2018-607 of July 13, 2018 “pregnant military women who request it will be able to have a uniform adapted to their pregnancy. Those who wish can continue to wear civilian clothes..

The Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu, wants to adopt a new uniform for pregnant soldiers. From…

Posted by TF1 Info on Sunday, September 18, 2022

4. A real cure for hangovers

We are able to cure crazy diseases, and we still haven’t managed to develop a little mixture capable of canceling the effects of alcohol on our poor little body? What exactly are we waiting for?

5. An option “cancel sent SMS”

Which would undoubtedly save us great moments of shame and loneliness, directly linked to the worst embarrassing messages sent by mistake! “Boss” and “Dad” are so close in our contacts…

6. Robots working for us

Okaaaay I see you coming with your “ouin ouin ouin apré we will have more work because of the bad machines”! Calm down. I’m talking to you about a robot who, while you’re having a space hangover, for which we still don’t have a real cure in 2022, works in your place to let you sleep. A kind and caring robot friend. A ropot.

7. Flying cars

The little “us” of the past are really disappointed. We imagined the 2020s as the futuristic years, in transparent flying cars and possible world tours in a few minutes thanks to super-powerful planes. Finally, we are still fighting at the pump to put Unleaded 95 in our Citroën Xantia. It was not exactly the idea that we had of the transport of the future, what.

8. Devices that charge in seconds

Already that our devices hold less and less battery, it’s still a shame that we are still forced to leave them for hours to recharge! My phone spends more time charging than charging. It was well worth inventing portable devices so that we had to leave them plugged in 20 hours a day.

9. An infallible anti-theft system

As much for a bicycle as for a scooter, a scooter or a motorcycle! There’s always a smarter guy, with a pruner that cuts quite well, who manages to break the lock. When will there be a system that will allow us to keep a bike for more than 2 months in Paris?

10. Electric cars that can drive 3,000 km without recharging

Today, you can do 100 to 600 km with a charge. 600 km is not gross (while 100 km is clearly shit, on the other hand), but it is not revolutionary either. While a car that can do thousands of terminals after a single charge is still more convincing. BETTER. A car that is charged by solar energy. What are we waiting for to create this?

11. Self-filling coffee makers

And who serve hot coffee at will and effortlessly, from morning to evening and from evening to morning. I dream about it. STRONG.

12. Reliable Weather

Or at least a weather forecast that does not announce a great sun on rainy days, and temperatures to wear wool sweaters when it is 25°c. At least that, seriously.

13. A Really Easy Easy Open

Not the opening you finish with scissors after trying with teeth, nails and all your strength.

14. Spacious and functional subways

In itself, we are not asking for the moon: just metros and RERs that do not take 20 minutes to make 2 stations for “traffic regulation” while 600 people are stuck in a crowded wagon swinging and sharing all their miasma. Only that.

15. A slope inverter

So that all climbs become descents. How is it possible to invent such a thing? No idea. I’m here to moan, huh. Not to find mathematical and physically possible solutions.

16. Equality between men and women

Oupsie, it denounces here.

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