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Top 15 worst traffic violations in history, are you serious?

Driving is not always an easy task, and while most of us get away with speeding or bad parking as the only deviations in our driving lives, others, more rare, manage to do fart the cursors of the strange. Today we are going to look at the most unusual violations of the highway code, those that the police and the gendarmes will still remember on their deathbed.

1. The most osteo: arrested because he does not wear his seat belt he declares that he has a torticollis

And why not try it finally, it could almost pass. No I’m kidding, no chance, there’s no excuse not to have his belt whatever the situation but we can recognize the originality of his excuse and it’s already good enough to enter this top.

2. The most pragmatic: stopped in reverse on the highway, he intended to drive 500km to finish his trip

After observing a breakdown in his gearbox, an Australian decided to run his car in the only way that still seemed to work: in reverse. Arrested after having traveled a few kilometers at 50km/h while being a real public danger, he nevertheless confessed to the police that he intended to drive like that for 500km. A true champ.

3. The most generous: he offers the gendarmes to share the couscous he was eating while driving

Without papers, without a license, he was arrested eating couscous while driving. Seen like that, we can say that the gentleman was pulling a little on the rope, but ultimately it was above all a big heart like that that was hiding behind this man, because he immediately offered to the gendarmes to share his dish . Nice but eating couscous while driving is one of the worst driving license mistakes.

This Tunisian did not hesitate to hold the steering wheel with one hand and feast on a couscous cutlets with the other, while driving at excessive speed, music blasting.

Posted by Was-Matin on Sunday, November 13, 2022

4. The most connected: he films himself driving above the speed limit and posts it on Youtube, the gendarmes find him

The man in question was probably thinking that he would never be found since he was filming his dashboard, which may indeed seem infallible. But no, we found him thanks to the model of the car, we gave him a good big fine and the next time he wants to tell it to himself on the networks he will do it by taking pictures of his dessert at the restaurant like everybody.

5. The most refrigerated: stopped for speeding he declares that he has frozen food in the trunk

Hence the usefulness of shopping with a cooler in hot weather, because it’s true that you shouldn’t break the cold chain, but crushing people is more serious. Always prioritize things according to their gravity, a tip that also applies in space.

6. The most in a hurry: he was flashed more than 384 times in 2016

This is the story of a resident of Monaco who during the year 2016 was flashed 386 times, which is more than once a day if we take an average of the thing. A man probably always in a hurry who should obviously be prohibited from approaching a car within 100 meters.

7. The most French: arrested with a blood alcohol level above the limits, he declares that he ate too much beef bourguignon

The excuse doesn’t work for the simple reason that food cooked in alcohol doesn’t raise your blood alcohol level. Afterwards, it’s not impossible that he used my grandfather’s recipe which consists of drowning the beef in red wine but after cooking.

8. The sportiest: broke down on the highway, he decides to go get gas on rollerblades on the hard shoulder

So… It’s already very stupid to rollerblade on the hard shoulder, you have to call a tow truck. But on top of that the guy decided to do it by taking his child in his arms, which could have ended really, really badly. Fortunately he was nabbed by the gendarmes fairly quickly and he gave them some advice for riders on how to avoid hurting themselves while skating.

9. The toughest: arrested by the police, he offers 20€ to avoid getting in trouble

Well, must say that he probably made do with what he had on him, so 20 euros even if it seems like crap it still pays for a round of beer. If there are countries where this kind of technique can pass, this Russian on a trip to France surely did not get what he wanted since he was arrested. It was well tried.

10. The most clueless: at 93 he was arrested on a tricycle on the highway

At the border of Switzerland and France a 93-year-old man was arrested on his tricycle while driving on the highway after shopping. He told the gendarmes that he had taken the wrong exit and ended up there without really wanting to. Damn tricycles, really fucking this invention.

11. The most educational: arrested by the police while playing on his phone in the passenger seat, he had let his child drive at 100 km/h

If it’s always good to pass on your knowledge to your children from an early age, the principle of accompanied driving can only begin at 16 after obtaining the highway code. And above all, you should not be playing on your phone at this time. Another one who wanted to catch pokemons on Pokemon Go.

12. The most ungrateful: he asks the police if they can remove points from his wife’s license because he has none left on his

Bullshit, the apotheosis of stupidity: we combine speeding, driving without a license since the gentleman has no more points and an attempt at corruption by asking the police to punish someone else its place. Hoping that this gentleman’s wife gave him a hard time when he left the station.

13. The most determined: he chases the impound vehicle on foot to prevent it from taking his car

And that’s called a refusal to comply, which explains why this brave man, as determined as he is, was fined an additional €3,750 and a six-point deduction from his driving license . There’s not much to do once your vehicle has been picked up by the pound, don’t dream.

14. The most record holder: he got the biggest speeding fine ever

There is a little pride side, like “I am the best”. But this feeling of accomplishment fades quickly when the amount of the painful comes: €726,000 fine for driving at 290km/h on a road in Switzerland. It’s expensive, I admit, but at the same time you have to respect the laws, 290 km/h is more of a car speed, it’s that of an F1 car.

15. The most party animal: he is arrested with 10 grams of alcohol in his blood

For ordinary mortals, 10 grams of alcohol in the blood would be more than enough to send you ad patres, but this driver was not only still alive, but also “conscious” enough to start a car and drive it. We even had to test the man’s blood alcohol level several times to be sure it wasn’t a mistake.

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