Top 15 worst reasons for medical billing seen in the United States

We French people like to complain about our country. We are never happy. Moreover, France is never among the happiest countries on the planet, and that’s quite normal. But we can reassure ourselves and put things into perspective with one thing: our health system is really good. Really. You only have to look at the Americans to realize that we are at least 12 steps ahead of them. Here, look at the absurd medical bills shared by Americans. The guys live in a sort of rotten dystopia while we take it easy with our carte vitale. We’re actually lucky.

1. A woman was charged for skin-to-skin contact with her baby.

When a childbirth has just taken place, the mother is often offered to hold her baby against her to establish a first contact. A completely human thing (which makes you want to cry because life is beautiful anyway). Something that’s supposed to be completely free too. But no, in the States, we can charge that $40, as we can see on this invoice shared by a mom. It also makes you want to cry, but not at all for the same reasons.

2. A woman was charged an extra $11 for crying during surgery.

The guys added a line titled “brief emotion” to his bill to make him rack up another $11. This is very high level cynicism. On the scale of cynicism, that’s just below “pushing a guy in a wheelchair down a ravine,” so kudos to the USA.

3. $1,500 for an analysis that turned up nothing

The person who posted the photo went to the hospital for a blood test. They told her she had a virus they couldn’t identify and couldn’t do anything about her and sent her home. Not to mention charging him $6,412 for the blood test. After deducting the insurance, there is only $1552 left to pay. Phew.

4. A nurse charged $7,000 after contracting Covid-19 while working

You work to treat people in a hospital. Because of your job, you catch a virus. You’re being charged $7,000 for it. Life in the United States is beautiful.

5. In debt for life for a suicide attempt

A 21-year-old who had attempted suicide ended up with a $93,000 bill upon leaving the hospital. Something to start off on the right foot and see life in pink. Or try again three days later maybe.

6. Drugs billed $57,000 to insurance when they cost less than $100 in all other countries

At the top, we can see the US invoice with an invoice for $57,000 for a medicine box containing 84 tablets. Below, the same drug in Canada, which costs about $50 for 56 tablets. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that guys are completely gorging themselves on price.

7. $153,000 for being bitten by a rattlesnake

At the same time, it’s okay, people can be a little careful instead of getting bitten like that…

8. Simply Awful

” Where to start ? I was billed $3,000 a YEAR after giving birth to my son because the insurance company deemed the emergency C-section “unnecessary”.

$9,000 (including $3,000 that I had to pay up front) for a miscarriage.

$500 for the ultrasound that confirmed my baby had died in the womb. »

9. And then sometimes in addition to making you pay they try to kill you

“An $11,000 bill for an allergy attack that I had already treated with epinephrine before going to the hospital. I spent the night there. Charged $1000 per hour for observation. And they gave me eggs for breakfast. I am allergic to eggs. »

10. Lifelong debt from birth

A delivery billed at $610,000. It really makes me want to have kids.

11. Two nights in the hospital is more expensive than two nights in a palace

Almost $65,000 bill for two nights in a hosto. At this price, we hope there is a TV in the room.

12. $730,000 for a month in the hospital after being run over by a driver on heroin

That’s why you have to look right and left before you get knocked down.

13. $17,000 for a penny

The kid ate a penny. The procedure to recover the part lasted 5 minutes. The invoice, she typed in the $ 17,000. That’s one hell of an inflation.

14. 2 one person ambulances, engineering

“I lost consciousness and my in-laws called 911. The 2 local paramedics arrived with 2 separate ambulances and fought for my unresponsive body. Eventually they decided who would take my body away and they both sent me bills! »

15. And even when you have insurance you’re not sure it will pass

He took out dental insurance on purpose so he could have his wisdom teeth removed, and the insurance reimbursed him for less than what he pays each month:

Facture : 1416$

Insurance reimbursement: $163

Is it worth it.

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