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Top 15 Things To Remember From Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 3

1. It’s going on a Halloween episode

Ok, Eric Antoine sets the tone for the first event with a demonic outfit, and that puts us in the right mood. The candidates will have to build a horrific city with districts corresponding to the universe of their character. It’s cool, it’s changing, and we can’t wait to see the result.

Style the glasses

2. What a quality pun

Eric Antoine : “I hope the brief is clear”


We may be holding the zero valve of the season, but we admit it, we smiled.

Super nice candidates to applaud this joke

3. QUOI ????

The candidates will have to exchange pairs for 4 hours, and at the end of the 4 hours they will be sent to another plot than the one they were building. This is torture. We are shocked.

They too are totally shocked

4. They dared to separate DOUDOU and DOUDOUCETTE

The flagship couple of the show who must evolve separately, if that’s not a good start for a horror film… In short, no one wants to end up with Doudou-Yann, and it’s finally Camille who draws him and must join him on the Swamp Creatures Quarter. Good luck Camille.

Come on guys, you’ll meet again in 4 hours

5. Well, in the end, it’s not going so badly for Yann

It seems that Doudou quickly forgot Doudoucette… In truth, Camille the psychologist seems to manage him well, so maybe the two will be fine. If they don’t spend their time kissing each other, of course.

A lot of tenderness in this photo

6. And it’s time for the re-switch

Anaïs returns to the marsh district with Yann, and Caroline finds her brother Camille to finish the vampire district. Thibaut and Marius will be able to finish their werewolf district, suddenly Rodolophe returns to the zombie district with his son Theo. Everybody is happy.

BUT the two remaining pairs all want to stay in the mummies district, and it is finally Fabien and Mickaël, the Bretons, who inherit it. Aurélien and Lucas are disgusted. They must finish the district of Frankenstein which has hardly advanced. We would not like to be in their place.

The seum is palpable

7. Caroline & Camille and Fabien & Mickaël go to the semi-finals!

The brother and sister got kudos from the judges for their vampire neighborhood so it’s totally deserved. On the other hand, we are much more mixed with regard to the Bretons: the guys inherited the superb pyramid of Aurélien, and they went off topic by creating a tourist site instead of a real district of mummies. We would rather have qualified Aurélien and Lucas.

A brother and a sister who never argue, is that possible?

8. Let’s go for the second test

The candidates will have to build a bridge which will be subjected to a seismic force ranging from 1 to 10. The pair whose bridge resists the highest force goes directly to the semi-finals. That means you’ll have to be technical.

Spoiler: no one will go to the 10th notch

9. Theo did not understand the principle of the test

While it is above all necessary to make a resistant bridge, Théo wants to make a work of art like: “Here we are going to put buildings and then water, and then an amusement park and if we have time we will put a fortified castle…” No, but Theo has to go there.

Finally, we are bad language since Theo launched into a super slippery bridge which looks very promising. We’ll see if the guy is a genius or not at the time of the tests.

“And there we’re going to put a moving robot” “But have you lost your mind, Theo?” »

10. It’s hot for Marius and Thibaut

Their bridge has just burst less than an hour from the end of the event. The tile. It’s over for them.

The Pont d’Avignon: Origins

11. Rodolphe and Théo are bullies

Their bridge is magnificent and in addition it held up to force 7. In just 5 hours, it’s simply brutal work. The guys deserve their place in semi.

We cried in front of the beauty of this bridge

12. We left for the second phase

Two hours to build the tallest tower by reusing the bricks from phase one, all without a stepladder. It’s very short.

With Eric Antoine walking around holding a large ruler

13. The despair of Aurélien and Lucas illustrated in one image

We feel bad for them. And just after, it’s Marius and Thibaut who also eat a fall. Dog of life.


14. Eric Antoine was like us during the whole race

Like this what:

It was tendax, it must be admitted

15. Marius and Thibaut come back from afar

From very very far. And they managed to make the tallest tower after heaps of falls. It’s very strong.

So it’s over for Lucas and Aurélien, as well as Doudou and Doudoucette, who will be missed by all 4 of us.

Our favorites are still in competition!! It’s nice

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