Top 15 signs that this person is a bad person, we can feel it from here

Not easy to realize that the people around us are not the people we thought. Yes, it’s not uncommon for a stylish person to actually be an asshole. To avoid this kind of disappointment that makes you want to never make friends again, here’s a little test to do on those around you to assess their level of toxicity. So, rather asbestos or nuclear waste?

1. She treats people who work in certain professions very badly.

The wrong person is by default very nice to ushers and doctors and super rude to medical secretaries, cleaners, or cashiers (and any other job they see as unrewarding). Yes, the wrong person is very discriminating, even if they will always say the opposite.

2. She always says “Oh, that was a joke!” to justify

When she knocks someone down the stairs, when she makes children cry, or when she openly mocks her friends’ spouses, the wrong person will always use the pseudo joke to show that they are not so bad, really. But yes, it is very bad, even on the surface.

3. She always criticizes a lot of people when they’re not there.

Tip: buy some superglue and stick to her, so there’s no risk of her spitting on your face since you’ll be right next to her. Yeah, I’m HPI yeah.

4. Everyone is toxic except her

All of her exes were “hysterical,” her parents are “manipulators,” and her co-workers are “ball lickers.” But the problem does not come from his person, oh no, never!

5. When you tell her about your problems, she always tells her about something worse that happened to her.

And when you dare to say to her “Ah sorry for you, but to come back to what I was saying”, she will inevitably answer you “It’s crazy how you bring everything back to yourself anyway”. Yes, this person has a nerve bigger than a king-ball.

6. She tells the first degree that she is a loudmouth

This excuse is used as much to justify the fact that she hates having her opinions contradicted as to explain why she is so disagreeable with everyone. The problem is, everyone knows that this bad person isn’t a loudmouth, he’s just a fundamentally mean person.

7. She brags about having slept with such a person

We wish her to have an STD, that’s all she deserves.

8. She tries to get you to give in when you say no.

The wrong person won’t care about your limits: as long as you end up doing what they want, it doesn’t matter if you stick to your principles.

9. She is only interested in you out of interest

Sorry to break your dreams, but we don’t want you to live in the illusion: if this person is in your circle of friends, it’s simply because they are counting on your cool taf to meet people and get out of his shitty job that is ruining his life. Nothing more.

10. She treats you differently in public and in private.

The bad one does not hesitate to humiliate you in front of everyone by telling embarrassing anecdotes to belittle you in front of people you have just met. But don’t worry, “it’s for fun”, of course.

11. She is always the victim

Whatever bad happens in her life, the wrong person will always be the victim of a conspiracy against her. The world is after him. If there’s no more sandwich bread at the supermarket, it’s probably because the department manager is angry with him for having complained about getting 5-cent reduction coupons on brioches the last time. is on.

12. She pisses you off when you keep seeing people she’s angry with.

“How did you eat with Louise???? But you know that I don’t talk to him anymore, huh! And you still eat with her? Bah great friendship, it’s nice … But say so if you actually prefer her to me! You way I’ve always been apart…”

13. She explains why she is a good person.

When she feels attacked in her ego as a benefactress, the bad person lists all the good deeds she has done during the week to show that she has her heart on her sleeve. Even yesterday morning, she gave €2 to a guy who had no money to take the bus. If that doesn’t make her a top person, does it? Eh ???

14. She drives an SUV

There are unmistakable signs. This person clearly doesn’t care about blowing up the planet, which makes them a very bad person.

15. She laughs a video of children falling

Clearly the point that most supports our theory that this person is a bad person.

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