Top 15 sexualized things in women but not in men

As well-educated people, you know that beyond the scientific differences between men and women, there is no moral difference between the two genders. In theory. Because in practice, we can still sit on equality. You just have to see how much we spend our time sexualizing everything that girls do while we leave the guys alone.

1. Be 18

When a guy turns 18, everyone thinks: “Cool he will be able to vote and buy alcohol”. When girl turns 18 it’s more like: “Cool we will be able to legally sleep with her”. Just look at what happened with Millie Bobby Brown, the actress of Stranger Things : guys had created a countdown to know when she was going to have 18 brooms. A disgusting sexist and pedo delirium.

2. Wash a car

A woman washing a car is directly associated with sexy American “car washes” with chicks rubbing languidly on the bonnet. So good, cleaning the gray Clio with a filthy sponge is really sexy.

3. School uniforms

There’s a huge fantasy around girls in school uniforms, but none around guys. The fantasy is all the more unhealthy in that it reveals that a lot of people (guys, mainly) like schoolgirls. Minors, suddenly. Good atmosphere.

4. Sigh

A male sigh: “It’s a sigh, normal. »


But let’s calm down good evening.

5. Eat a banana/ice cream

Well, we’re not drawing you a picture: when a woman eats something that has more or less the shape of a penis, it’s compared to fellatio. Never with guys. While guys also practice fellatio, and not just a little.

6. Make videos on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch…

Any girl who exposes herself on a social network will take about 1000 times more sexual remarks than a guy who produces exactly the same content. According to our calculations, this problem will be solved in approximately 700 years.

7. Go out for a drink alone

A guy who drinks a quiet drink alone at a table or leaning on the bar can finish his drink without anyone bothering him once. On the other hand, if a woman performs the same action, she will be solicited 12 times by guys who think she is there to seduce. That does not make any sense.

8. Puberty

When a guy reaches puberty, we think of the hairs under the arms and the voice that changes. When a girl reaches puberty, we immediately think of growing breasts and… growing breasts. Bulk. Really, we have a big problem with the sexualization of young girls. It gets boring.

9. Be a nurse

Imagine that there are far fewer porn videos about nurses than about nurses. Amazing, right?

10. Go shirtless at the beach

Moreover, for a woman, we will not say that she is shirtless but “bare breasted”. Because yes, at the sight of a shirtless woman, 100% of people will have only one thought in mind: “BOOOOBS”.

11. Cross your legs

A girl who crosses her legs is immediately a remake of Basic Instinct. A guy crossing his legs is just a guy crossing his legs. And absolutely no one thinks about his dick.

12. Do indoor squats

There are the guys that nobody calculates when they do their squats, and there are the girls whose slightest arch becomes a spectacle for absolutely the whole room. Yet we are all equipped with an ass, there’s zero difference.

13. Being a masseur

For some, “masseuse” will be a term almost equivalent to “prostitute”, something they would never have thought of when speaking of “masseur”. It speaks for itself (well, it’s mostly that we don’t have the courage to comment anymore. This top has shot us down, we need a vacation. And sunshine please.)

14. Exist

In the end, that’s really the problem. Girls can do just about anything, or even nothing, and they will be sexualized. It’s hot.

15. Catch a dolphin with your bare hands, eat it raw, then recite the alphabet while burping

What, don’t you think?

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