Top 15 Realistic Life Infographics by Matt Shirley

Hello lovers of infographics on the world and life and stuff of all kinds. Today, we offer you the best since we share with you some infographics of”>Matt Shirley, an author who analyzes all the situations you may have encountered in your life and turns them into diagrams, tables and other curves that make you want to laugh, then cry, then laugh again. You are going to like ladies and gentlemen and not gendered.

1. Why I’m polite to waiters

_ Because they could spit in my dishes

_ Because they could give me a discount

_ Because they might want to go on a date with me

_ Because I realize that they are human beings working for a living and that they are not my servants.

2. The Sunglasses Cycle

Buy cheap sunglasses –> wear them every day for 7 years –> decide I should adopt a new look –> buy expensive sunglasses –> immediately throw them in a lake –> buy sunglasses cheap –> ….

3. What happens when I’m in a video meeting

In green: me speaking

In pink: those who speak

In orange: me looking at my own stupid face

4. The reasons I could never kill anyone

I have no weapons – Fragile stomach – Not strong enough – Morale – Fear of being punished – Sounds like a lot of work

5. Talk to your parents on the phone

Both: Hello

Your father: Here your mother is here

Your mother: Are you still single? When are you coming to see us? Do you finally know what you are going to do later?

6. The Labor Diagram

Having a job –> It’s horrible

Not having a job –> It’s horrible

7. The Friday Timeline

When I get up for my day / When I give up my day

8. Hobbies

Things I say I like: Playing tennis / Reading / Doing yoga / Doing puzzles / Hiking / Cooking

Things I really like: Watching TV / taking a nap / drinking

9. Temperature distribution when you sleep with your partner

You: Cool, comfortable, 37°C

Your partner’s body: 6000°C, slightly warmer than the surface of the Sun

His feet: -225°C, a cool autumn day on Neptune

10. Why I wear a beard

– It makes me prettier

– It gives me a chin

– It keeps my face warm

– It’s fashionable

“Shaving is work, and you know what? I don’t like work

11. People who tell everyone they work hard

– The time they spend working hard

– The time they spend convincing others that they work hard

12. A Venn Diagram

The things that interest me / no intersection / The things that you are about to say

13. My communication skills

In order of ease of communication:

By messages – By e-mail – By mail – In person – By telegraph – By smoke signals – By telephone

14. Anxiety

How easy it is to become anxious

How easy it is to stop being anxious

15. Why I use chopsticks to eat

Because they are very useful for food delivery

To not pass for a fucking amateur

If you liked it, all you have to do is follow”>Matt Shirley (it’s in English but it’s ok it’s simple I trust you).

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