Top 15 people without whom the world would be very bad, very bad

The world is divided into two categories of people: the carefree who enjoy life, and the heroes who make the world go round. The former do not deserve a top (even if we are one of them), while the latter are worthy of our love and all our respect. It is thanks to their daily sacrifice and thanks to their ability to give without receiving anything that the world turns. The day they stop being nice, we’ll all end up like idiots.

1. The guy who signs for you in the auditorium

While you and your friends take it easy by skipping half of the semester classes, he, good guy, imitates your signature on the attendance sheet to avoid screwing up your year. It is the same one who will give you his notes so that you can revise before the partials. But as life is relatively well done, he will have his diploma with “very good honors” when you narrowly pass the retakes. It’s already taken.

2. People who have lighters on them

In an ideal world, every smoker would own their own lighter, but this sweet utopia has no place in reality. As the real world is unfair, for 1 smoker owning a lighter, there are 5 profiteers who circle around him like crackheads throwing “You don’t have a light please? Come on be cool man. » Scary.

3. Volunteers who clean green spaces

These people do a wonderful job, but clearly, spending our Sunday afternoons throwing trash into bags and risking getting tetanus… big big lazy. The same laziness that made us postpone our reminder of the tetanus vaccine elsewhere.

4. Friends who agree to help you with an entire move for just a beer

They know or not that they are totally screwed? Hiring movers costs several hundred euros, not 3 lukewarm Heinekens and a Sodebo pizza (as good as it is).

5. The cashiers who agree to talk to old people

That way they don’t talk to us. And so much the better, because the old people, apart from talking about the weather and the Vichy regime which they miss, they don’t have much interesting to say.

6. This friend who always has a condom to help you out

If you still haven’t caught an STI or, worse, children, it’s totally thanks to him. Thanks to this hero who gave you a piece of plastic before going home with your tail between your legs while you had a good time, you still have a good life. Don’t forget to give her a little Christmas present.

7. Locksmiths/plumbers/electricians who don’t try to rip you off

If so, it really exists.

8. The teachers who work for nothing to educate our boring kids

Even well paid, not sure that we would want to try to teach Gaspard who sniffs his snot every 3 seconds to read or Émeline who cries as soon as she wants to pee.

9. People who develop mods for video games

They do a great job to improve the games, and the simple consideration they expect is that we quote their nickname. How nice.

10. Colleagues who bring croissants on Monday mornings

Did they notice that they were the only ones doing it and that everyone thought it was normal? And do they know they won’t get a raise doing that? It’s like they just want to be…nice. Lol.

11. People who develop open source software

The Internet is powered by these people and they are not even offered a little coffee.

12. The controllers who tell you “well, it’ll be fine this time”

These will clearly end up in Heaven while we roast in Hell alongside Nagui, Sophie Davant and the guy who invented micro-transactions in video games.

13. Neighbors who share their WiFi password

Never in life would we accept it.

14. Friends who agree to listen to you complain about your love life

A shrink would charge at least 60 bucks an hour for that, and on top of that it would really piss him off. We have to keep these friends.

15. Members of the National Assembly who work hard to keep the country running smoothly

Nah, I’m joking.

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