Top 15 people who try to sell abused stuff, some of them have no limits

There are people you can totally trust like your mom or the editors of Topito. But there are people to be wary of, including people who sell stuff on the internet (yes, yes, NFTs count in that). Because as we have seen with the worst products sold on Vinted and the worst products sold on Wish, there are probably people who are angry with us and are ready to do anything to recover our money. So here are other examples of people who don’t hesitate to fool others, frankly, it’s not super polite.

1. Half-drunk chocolate milk at $125

2. King-size mattress with topper and built-in cooling gel at $350

3. $65 linen chest

4. Rare $20 worm candy

5. $5 Mother’s Day Gift

6. Used roller skates at $50

7. A $120 gaming chair

9. Fridge in need of a little sprucing up but still works great at $250

10. $100 Peace Sign Onion Ring

11. 5 pumpkin stalks for $5

12. Lots of used caskets at $500

13. $300 Penis Cheetos

14. Dorito premium in a jar at $10

15. McDo bag from the BTS menu and its $199 sauce

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