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Top 15 people to always be wary of, those who are a little too dodgy

Much like red flags and other signs that you should not date this person, there are certain clues that you may need to distance yourself from certain individuals. After summoning a team of scientists highly equipped with scientific devices (like thermometers and bunsen burners), we compiled a list of all the suspicious behaviors that deserve your attention. Because we never really know who is around us. Mistrust…

1. People who are cool the next day

What they hide: An immune system full of suspicious DNA modifications that they don’t want to share, these big selfish people.

2. People who say “I’m going to play devil’s advocate but…”

What they hide: Opinions not phew, even downright dirty that they just want to hide behind another version of “No, but if you put yourself in their sneakers…”.

3. People who have a move planned soon

What they hide: An eight-hour move with only one other mate present and an eight-seater sofa to be carried three blocks away because there was no room at the bottom of the building.

4. People who shower in the dark

What they hide: A more than strange passion for satanic songs, the ouija board and the power of stones.

5. People who quote Kaamelott in all their sentences

What they hide: A desire to always draw attention to them due to a flagrant lack of confidence and fear of abandonment.

6. People who say “Like same”

What they hide: A total absence of humor, even entire cerebral nerves.

7. Those who do not reserve during a raclette

What they hide: A pronounced distaste for life and a refusal to live in the present moment in order to focus on the finitude of human beings and the agonizing grandeur of the universe.

8. People who love orange chocolate

What they hide: Puppy tastes in all areas, whether it’s the choice of first names for children, the selection of coats or Christmas gifts.

9. People who have a small triangle of hair below the lip (also called chin turd)

What they hide: A lack of self-dignity and a lack of respect for human beings and the struggle for their survival.

10. People who eat with the knife in their left hand

What they hide: An underdeveloped mobility of the left part of their bodies which can in the long run lead to a static imbalance and rejection in worldly circles.

11. People who have a bottle opener on their key ring

What they hide: A lack of sense of responsibility that leads us not to trust someone who has his car key and a tool to open beers in the same place.

12. People who sleep (totally) naked

What they hide: Nothing, and that’s the problem, we really didn’t want to see so many.

13. People hanging out in t-shirts in the winter

What they hide: A skin is too thick for them to be part of the human race, rather suggesting common genes with the hippopotamus, the caiman and the viva.

14. People who ask you to take off your shoes when you go to their house

What they hide: A sense of detail and cleanliness that is reminiscent of the stubbornness of serial killers to leave no trace.

15. The people who invite you to dinner and when you ask them “What are you eating?” answer “You”

What they hide: Big gaps in flirting masking a potential appetite for cannibalism.

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