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Top 15 of the best tweets from @strasspetasse, quality humor

If you like good jokes and anecdotes that delight, you are still and always in the right place. Several times a week and for your pleasure, we share selections of hilarious tweets imagined by the most talented tweeters on the web. This week is @strasspetasse who joins us, do not hesitate to subscribe to his account.

1. You have to make a choice

2. This feature was clearly created as a joke

3. I had forgotten that Flo Rida existed

4. So therapeutic

6. Two years later, their absence is still much appreciated

7. Shipping costs that hurt

8. This is where the real party is

9. What else?

10. The mistake not to make

11. We will have your skin

12. Not super professional to put the birth before the client but good

13. On te hat Excel

14. Blablacar for snails

15. A Chabat Fan

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