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Top 15 of the best tweets from @FeunArcanin (in order to have a good laugh)

Hi buddies, hope you are doing well! Between the stress of the presidential elections and the shitty weather, we all need to have a little fun. Fortunately, the twittos are there to make us laugh with jokes, anecdotes and clashes that aim just where it should. Today is the turn of @FeunArcanina golden girl, but if you want it to be you next week, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

1. It works every time

2. Who does he think he is?

3. Forced your family to pay a fine

4. Really Weird Dreams

5. They will be less clever

6. It’s the perfect nickname

7. They really like us to play stupid

8. The big discovery of the year

9. This Pokemon Name Will Always Be A Mystery

11. There are people who don’t talk like that to their cat???

12. A question worth asking

13. In war as in war

14. We love to criticize France but we won’t let an American do it for us

15. Indecent Injustice

Good bah here, circulate there is nothing more to see. Oh, sorry, we also have the top tweets of the week if you’re bored, it’s free.

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