Top 15 of the best tweets about going on vacation, it’s never easy

Summer is already well under way and people take turns going on vacation. Families, couples and groups of friends pile into cars or run through stations, shouting so as not to get lost. It’s always a hassle to prepare for a vacation and the journey is hardly easier. Fortunately, we can laugh about it together because we’re all in the same boat (or the same Renault 3008, but that would still be a crazy coincidence).

1. “You too pack too many underwear like you plan to shit yourself every day on vacation?”

2. These are the best times

3. I checked what my 6 year old daughter put in her bag for our road trip and found sage, garlic salt, all her dolls, a fake candle, paper aluminum and three flashlights. Does she have info on this trip that I don’t??”

4. And he is very happy

5. Vraie France made the sandwiches in the morning before leaving

6. The film that traumatized an entire generation

7. When you were very small and you were carried, happiness

8. For nothing in the world I went there


10. Discuss during 14 hours of travel, the taste for simple things

11. Shit, every time!

12. Good old Bernard is funny

13. No one will ever know

14. We stuck out our tongues before hiding

15. Extreme Loneliness

Happy holidays to all (except those who work hard, we are thinking of you).

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