Top 15 of the best tweets about Christmas decorations, long live the garlands

Christmas is approoooooooooche and who says Christmas says Christmas films and Advent calendar, ok, May also and above all a max of decoration to enjoy life for a month (it’s already a month right?). So spin the balls and socks.

1. This way the calendar

3. The terms are set

4. He had better be overjoyed

5. Worst month ever

6. I want it, I want it, I want it

7. For Halloween, I will dress up as Christmas decorations

8. This way the savings

9. It Was Worth It

10. Christmas with cats: a mood

11. It’s Madonna style that’s all

12. Excitement level for Christmas: I shit tinsel

13. My kind of Christmas decoration

And you, for or against the little houses at the bottom of the trees?

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