Top 15 of the best tweets about April Fool’s Day jokes, every year it’s the same

APRIL FOOL ! Ah no I missed, it was necessary to make a joke before. So it’s the story of a fish that walks into a bar and… no, that’s not the joke. Well you know what, I’ll let the tweeters entertain you for April 1st; I know that they will be much more gifted than me.

1. Funny name the clebs

2. Laugh with the one student who never looks at class group messages

3. “Haha she’s good François, go let me sleep”

4. Do not miss the day to declare your love

5. “No, but April Fools too haha ​​don’t worry”

6. We’re still pissed off about this scandal

7. Want to cry

8. Rho vaaa, there’s nothing to be ashamed of

9. It must hurt a lot

10. The fact that she put an “unknown author” credit on the image…

11. More Than Eyes to Cry

12. It was a great adventure

13. People are so gullible…

14. They are strong nonetheless

15. The cop will hit him with a truncheon, he won’t understand anything

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