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Top 15 of the best punchlines of Elizabeth II, the Queen had repartee

The late Queen Elizabeth was a joke. In addition to the moments when Elizabeth II surprised everyone, she also knew how to stand out for her very tongue-in-cheek British humor and her punchlines of a stratospheric level. Too bad she is no longer of this world because I would have dreamed of seeing her crush Booba in a duel thanks to her sense of repartee. I already miss her so much!

1. “Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom.”

1991, the USSR collapses and during her traditional Christmas dinner, the Queen unleashes this madness worthy of a Fauve song. Hairs.

2. “I have to be seen to be believed.”

Yes, that’s how Elizabeth II explained her job as queen because, having no real political powers, she was forced to show herself everywhere to assert the legitimacy of her role. Insightful little miss.

3. “It’s terrible. If I don’t smile, I kind of have a grumpy-looking face.”

Elizabeth II had self-mockery, and she proved it well during a trip to Australia in 1954. Indeed, she does not have the most pleasant face when she is not smiling.

4. “I’m still alive anyway!”

This is what the Queen replied to Martin McGuinness, Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, in 2017, when he asked her how she was doing. Clear, clean, precise.

5. “Actually, Captain, I think it was me they came to see.”

The Queen was not too pleased that the escort of soldiers who accompanied her during a visit abroad blocked the view of her carriage during a walkabout. So boom, she sent this masterpiece. We bow.

6. “Come look at my lawn. It’s ruined”

Sacred remark which the Queen made when she received Scott Morrisson, Australian Prime Minister, in 2019: she indeed took advantage of his visit to show him the damage caused to his garden by Donald Trump’s helicopter, which came the day before. Finally, we don’t massacre our lawn!

7. “I knew we exported a lot of stuff to the United States, but I didn’t know the weather was one of them.”

In 1983, while she was on a trip to the United States, the Queen gently mocked Ronald Reagan for the shitty weather she had just had for 10 days. And it was very well sent.

8. “I have hosted many American presidents during my reign because unlike the United States, my reign is not limited to two four-year terms.”

This is what Elizabeth II swayed against Bush Son in 2003 during a visit to the USA. And knock America!

9. “Are we supposed to act like we’re having a good time?”

Not shy for a penny, the Queen asked top leaders of all countries (including Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel), during the 2021 G7, if she should really pretend to have fun during the session Photo ? We want to say, don’t we naturally have fun when she’s around, huh?

10. “The Anglo-Saxon tradition is a bit to the Latin tradition in Europe what oil is to vinegar: you need both to make the sauce, otherwise the salad is badly seasoned.”

Best metaphor ever (in perfect French please!). I hope the Queen made it her epitaph.

11. “I hope you all get to see me”

Always with as much self-mockery, the Queen laughed at herself during a speech before the American Congress during a trip to the USA with Bush Sr. Small in size but big in humor.

12. “They make as much noise as President Trump or President Obama!”

A good free tackle sent in 2018 as she traded with British TV presenter David Attenborough for the documentary The Queen’s Green Planet. Disturbed by the planes flying over the park in the middle of her discussion, she took the opportunity to sweep away Trump and Obama. It shoots live ammunition here.

13. “Thank you for making me feel so old.”

Elizabeth II apparently didn’t like being reminded that she was old. So that’s what she responded to Justin Trudeau’s speech in 2015, which heavily insisted on the longevity of his reign. It’s deserved, that’s it.

14. “Looks like two cats strangling each other”

Apparently the Queen didn’t really like seeing the Everly Brothers sing Cathy’s Clown during the 60s and therefore split a very nice commentary for the people around her. A smooth punchline (lol, do you have it?).

15. “If I wore beige, no one would know who I am.”

That’s what she said when asked why she always wears bright colors. And frankly, it made us want to do the same. Send fuchsia.

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