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Top 15 of the best Kinder tweets, it’s way too good

If you like good quality artisan chocolate, you surely hate the delicious, fat milk chocolate Kinder. In truth, we all know that these industrial chocolates, regardless of their shape and the plastic surprise inside, are much better than those you buy at the chocolatier. Give us Choco Fresh, we can’t take Lindt boxes anymore.

1. We would all have done the same thing

3. A well-deserved kick

4. We are many in this case

5. It has no competition

6. Little souvenir of the mask on the train

7. What a cute metaphor

8. Oh yeah anyway

9. Damn, I would have stolen the Kinder from him

10. “Can you help me out on vacation in Saint-Tropez please?”

11. It’s okay

12. It was too much for him

13. So Petty

14. Two years later, he’s still there.

15. Very Good Tip

Have a nice week everyone and remember to eat 5 Kinder a day to ward off disease and death.

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