Top 15 Most Outrageous Corporate Messages We’ll Quit Instead

If you are disgusted by work, do not read this top. Well yes, read it anyway, but read it with disgust. Because you are bound to be disgusted by these messages posted by the worst bosses in their companies. Messages that smack of modern slavery and non-compliance with the labor code. It should make you want to leave everything to become a cheesemaker in the Drôme.

1. The manager who doesn’t want you to talk about your salary

“Discussing remuneration (salary) is unacceptable. The only person within the company who knows or should discuss your salary with you is the STORE MANAGER. If you think your pay rate is not acceptable, please report to the store manager and we will discuss it. Discussing your salary with another employee in the field or outside the company is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

Sign below to confirm your understanding.

Merci »

2. It promises a good working atmosphere

“Office policy: I’m right, you’re wrong, end of discussion!” »

3. Uh, sorry??

“We are no longer able to provide water for the team from Monday 21/03. We abused our privilege by doing so.

Thank you, management”

4. So the lefties, we bring it back less?

“Candidates for the position, please note this: We do not hire LIBERALS.

It’s not because we don’t agree with their political views. That’s because working here requires superior reasoning, logical, and reading comprehension skills, and in our experience, liberals fall short in those areas. We found that they make decisions based on their emotions, not logic. This would be very detrimental to our business. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. »

5. Band of Thieves

“No one is allowed to plug their charger into these outlets. This is electricity theft and you may find a deduction from your salary. Phones should remain off. »

6. A real troll this boss


7. It has the merit of being clear

“No is not an option when your manager asks you to do something”

8. It promises a great work experience

” We hire

Part-time salesperson who won’t quit after 2 weeks, who works hard and doesn’t think he/she is doing me a favor by working here, who knows how to take jokes and who won’t cry all day on the floor »

9. The company puts the name of the cashier and asks you to write it down

“We want to know how was [prénom de l’employé] with you today. [Adresse du site pour aller le noter] Merci ! »

10. Simply Child Labor

“Now we hire from 14 years old”

11. We feel that the well-being of employees will be respected here (no)

” We are hiring. Do not apply if you are from the fragile generation”

12. When we torch ourselves with work schedules

“Remember, in the performing arts:

– Being early means being on time

– To be on time is to be late

– Being late is UNACCEPTABLE (You probably lost your job!)

13. Even in the toilet we are not quiet

“Just a friend reminder… It’s a restroom, not an internet cafe. Do what you have to do and get back to work. »

14. So it will surely be the minimum huh

“We hire for a salary between minimum wage and $14 an hour”

15. So are you applying or not?

“Please do not apply if you: oversleep, don’t have an alarm clock, don’t have a car, go to court often, don’t have a babysitter every day, have to bring friends to work more later than we start work, have flat tires every week, touch your cell phone all day, or become an expert at your job without needing to learn or take advice after day one. You must be able to talk and work at the same time, must be able to remember to come back to work after lunch. You should not expect to receive a medal for showing up to work on time. »

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