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Top 15 filming secrets of The Wolf of Wall Street, a very messy filming

If DiCaprio hadn’t been behind Scorsese’s camera, would a film about the troubles of a Wall Street millionaire who does anything with his money have become so cult? As hard to say as the word “rhododendron” is hard to write. But if you think you know the movie by heart and sing the funny Matthew McConaughey song while patting your chest every morning, you may not know a lot of little anecdotes that happened during filming and you feel incomplete, marked by failure and you are even thinking of having a veranda built at your home. Don’t worry, this is where I’m coming from, this is my time.

1. Actors snorted vitamin B

Since 94% of the film consists of showing people taking drugs, there was no question of faking the effect all the time, so the actors snorted powdered vitamin B to simulate coke. Jonah Hill took so much that he had to go to the hospital because it had caused inflammation of the bronchi. It’s really shit drugs, even when we pretend we can end up in the hospital.

2. Matthew McConaughey’s famous “song” is actually a Matthew McConaughey thing

This scene where the actor hums while hitting his chest was not planned at all, it was DiCaprio who saw McConaughey do this before filming and who asked him to add it in the scene. The actor apparently does this often before acting to relax and get motivated, since it’s become cult. Look at that pretty face.

3. DiCaprio turned her upside down to Brad Pitt for the movie rights

Even Hollywood is a world of sharks, and DiCaprio knew that Pitt was interested in the rights to the book to make it into a movie with Ridley Scott directing, but he wanted this movie. He outbid to get the rights and pull the rug out from under him and finally the author Jordan Belfort decided to give them to Leonardo because he knew that in this case it would be Scorsese to direct. Well don’t worry, DiCaprio and Pitt are still friends, they came to the house for a belote just last Sunday.

4. Jordan Belfort scammed people again thanks to the movie

By selling the rights to his book for a handsome sum, the US Department of Justice had sent an injunction to Jordan Belfort to use 50% of his earnings to reimburse his victims, which was a handsome $100 million. Except that after some time, he had returned only a “paltry” sum and still owed 90 million, while he continued to give a damn about the excavations by participating in conventions thanks to his notoriety due to the film. . A motherfucker from first to the end.

5. Jonah Hill “sold out” to star in the film

The actor wanted to star in a Scorsese movie so badly that he went out of his way to make it happen (which isn’t saying much). He decided to take a fee of $60,000 for his rather important role, which according to the number of days worked was the legal minimum. After that it’s still $60,000, when we’re talking about the minimum, it’s relatively comfortable.

6. Margot Robbie got the part because she improvised at the audition.

While she was giving the reply to DiCaprio in front of the casting team and good old Martin Scorsese, she had to end her little scene by approaching Leo and kissing him. She therefore arrived in front of him and approached before having an urge to improvise and slap him, telling him to go fuck himself. Suffice to say that it had its little effect since it was taken. Like what, slapping Leonardo DiCaprio can take you far in life.

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7. The production of the film was forced to pay 60 million dollars to the American government

An obscure story that concerns the Malaysian production house Red Granite Picture which belongs to the Malaysian Prime Minister’s son-in-law. Basically several films including this one would have been partly produced with money stolen from foundations and the production company was obliged to pay the tidy sum of 60 million to the American government. Even around the film, there is talk of shenanigans.

8. Steven Spielberg stopped by to give a lesson in directing

Spielberg is a nice guy who is always ready to lend a hand to young youngsters who are starting out. He had been on set to see how Scorsese was doing and he decided to stay the day to help his buddy do the speech sequence. He offered camera angles, cutouts, and reportedly even suggested the team get pizza delivered. A true professional.

9. John Bernthal really screwed up Jonah Hill

During a scene where the two characters tangle, John Bernthal had to hit Jonah Hill and Scorsese thought it sounded too fake, so he demanded that he hit him for real. Hill was medium hot and he shit a bit on it, but in the end he said it was one of the scenes in his career where he had the most fun. As a reminder, this guy accepted a smaller salary for getting hit and going to the hospital because of the fake coke.

10. Tommy Chong had Jordan Belfort write his book

Well, I doubt that many people know this gentleman (except those who watched “That ’70s show”), but Tommy Chong is an American comedian who rode with Cheech Marin in the 70s. Two actors who smoked a lot of weed and did sketches and movies. In short, Chong was incarcerated in the same prison as Jordan Belfort and the two accomplices lived in the same cell. After hearing his story, Chong clearly motivated Belfort to make a book out of it, it was such nonsense, so it’s indirectly thanks to him if you’ve seen the film.

11. Donald Trump wanted a role in the movie

Yeah, that Donald Trump right there. Basically, a scene was shot near the Trump Tower, a huge building that probably makes up for the smallness of something else demonstrates its omnipotence and Donald wanted to play in the film after being on set. Except that he didn’t just want a cameo where we see him walking, but something more important, which he was refused. Money doesn’t buy everything Donald.

12. The real Jordan Belfort appears in the film

Inevitably there had to be a small cameo of the real gentleman in the film and he appears at the very end when someone on stage presents DiCaprio in front of an assembly, this someone is the real Belfort. Always interesting to know, like the cooking time of a capon. That’s a good three hours at 150° for a three-kilo capon.

13. Jonah Hill purposely made DiCaprio vomit.

During a scene where the two characters eat sushi, Jonah Hill made sure that we had to do and redo the take, making sure that DiCaprio continued to eat sushi. At the end of the seventieth, what had to happen happened and the actor was forced to stop to go and puke. They really have better jokes than us.

14. DiCaprio was inspired by a Youtube video to shoot his drug scene

The famous scene where the character took Quality and trying to get out of his Lamborghini was complex for the actor to prepare. He was then inspired by several tricks including the video “The drunkest man in the world” to find the right gestures and walk with as much ease as a two-year-old child on rollerblades.

15. Jordan Belfort sued the production

When you make a film about a scammer, don’t be surprised if he tries to scam you, it’s in his nature. After the story of the stolen money from the Malaysian production, Belfort said that this scandal brought a negative image to his story (guy’s nerve) and he demanded 300 million dollars in compensation. A beautiful shit until the end.

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